Rourke Baby Record.

Rourke L, Leduc D, Rourke J.

The Rourke Baby Record (RBR) is an evidence-based health supervision guide for physicians and health care providers caring for children in the first five years of life. Originally developed in 1979 by Drs. Leslie and James Rourke, family physicians currently living in St. John’s NL, the latest revision was completed in 2014 in collaboration with Dr. Denis Leduc, a paediatrician in Montreal, Que., and past president of the Canadian Paediatric Society.

For more information on the Rourke Baby Record, including its development and use in practice, visit the website –

Health professionals may download the files in PDF and reproduce them for office use. The forms are available in French and English.

The Rourke Baby Record is endorsed by the College of Family Physicians of Canada, the Canadian Paediatric Society, and Dietitians of Canada. 

The RBR website not only allows downloading and printing of the RBR Guides (English and French) and of the World Health Organization (WHO) growth monitoring charts, but also allows “one- stop shopping” for live link resources both for healthcare providers and for parents. Website features include: modifications for unique populations such as Nunavut, a parent resources section, a version with new changes highlighted for quick view of the 2014 RBR changes from 2011, and an interactive feature with associated live links. 

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