Gay and lesbian health.

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Associations and Organizations

Rainbow Health Ontario
Canadian Women's Health Network: Lesbians and Healthcare
Gay and Lesbian Medical Association (GLMA) 
GLBT Medical Students of Canada

Articles and Books

ARQ2: Asking the right questions 2. Talking with clients about sexual orientation and gender identity in mental health, counselling and addiction settings. Centre for Addiction and Mental Health. Toronto.  78 pages.  PDF

Caring for Lesbian and Gay People: A Clinical Guide. Peterkin A, Risdon C. University of Toronto Press Publishing. 2003, 378 pages. ReviewLink 

Health and Health Care of Lesbian, Gay, and Bisexual Adolescents. Coker TR, Austin SB, Schuster MA. Annu Rev Public Health. 2010 Apr 21;31:457-77. Review. PubMed

Men who have sex with men.  A management approach for GPs.  Baber J, Dayan L. Aust Fam Physician 2006 Oct;35(10):797-800. PDF

Physician awareness of sexual orientation and preventive health recommendations to men who have sex with men. Petroll AE, Mosack KE. Sex Transm Dis. 2011 Jan;38(1):63-7. PubMed

Sexual health consultation for men who have sex with men. Wong WC, Fairley CK.  BMJ 2010 Mar 22;340. PubMed

Tip Sheet for Health Care Providers: Lesbian Health. Health Canada.  Full text


Gay and Lesbian Health
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