Requirements for Residency Eligibility

Limits on residency eligibility

Residency eligibility expires after three failed attempts on the full Certification examination, or three years from the date of the completion of training, whichever comes first, but in no circumstance shall it extend for more than three years.

In order to maintain eligibility, all candidates must maintain a full unrestricted licence to practice family medicine and they must remain in continuous, full-time active family practice in Canada consistent with their category of eligibility.

Candidates must successfully complete both the written (SAMP) and the oral (SOO) components of the exam to be awarded Certification in Family Medicine (CCFP).

All candidates must initially take the entire examination.

If candidates are unsuccessful on both components of the exam, they will be required to repeat the full exam on a subsequent attempt.

If candidates are unsuccessful on one of the two exam components, they may retake that component up to three times before they will be required to repeat the entire examination.

If a candidate's eligibility expires,

  • The candidate may re-qualify for one further full attempt at the examination as a residency-eligible candidate by undertaking additional residency training. In such cases, the candidate will need to make application to the Board of Examiners for special consideration in consultation and, with the support of the postgraduate director of a Department of Family Medicine.
  • The candidate can re-apply to sit the examination as a practice eligible candidate and must meet all of the practice eligible criteria in place at the time in order to qualify.
    Candidates who requalify following expired eligibility, will be required to start a new eligibility cycle by initially taking the entire examination.
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