Requirements for Residency Eligibility

Leaves of Absence and Waivers

A. Leaves of Absence 

Residents in family medicine must successfully complete 24 months of training. Normally these 24 months would be completed in sequence. The postgraduate dean, on recommendation of the postgraduate director of the Department of Family Medicine, may grant interruptions which require a leave of absence from the training programs. It is expected that the resident will make up time lost or rotations missed with equivalent extra time in residency upon  his or her return to the program.

B. Waivers of Training

A leave may still result in a waiver of training requirements, but only in exceptional circumstances. Such circumstances will be determined by the postgraduate director of the Department of Family Medicine with the approval of the postgraduate dean. The Board of Examinations and Certification of the College of Family Physicians of Canada must be notified that a waiver of training was granted under these circumstances, if the candidate wishes to maintain their residency eligibility for certification. Such notification must be provided prior to the submission of completion of training for each individual.

To be eligible for the certification examination in family medicine and for being granted Certification in The College of Family Physicians (CCFP), the maximum length of a waiver of training for residents in family medicine residency training programs will be four weeks.

Family medicine residents registered in enhanced skills programs of one year or less in duration must complete the entire duration of training to be eligible for CFPC examinations leading to certificates of special competence and/or attestations of completion of training.

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