The Patient’s Medical Home (PMH) 2019 vision charts the future of family practice

March 18, 2019

(March 18, 2019, Mississauga ON) The College of Family Physicians of Canada (CFPC)’s Patient’s Medical Home (PMH) 2019 vision positions family practices to respond to the evolving needs of Canadian communities—through collaboration, accessibility, continuity, and social accountability. The PMH 2019 vision builds on the original PMH goals, formulated in 2011, to respond to current health care demands. The PMH Provincial Report Card 2019 graded the performance of each province against the original PMH pillars. Together, the PMH Report Card and the PMH 2019 vision provide a baseline for a new standard in care, with a renewed focus on cultivating long-term relationships with patients and supporting community-based care.

Key updates in the PMH 2019 vision include:
  • A heightened importance of social accountability to ensure family practice addresses the factors that influence the health of patients such as lifestyle, socioeconomic status, gender, culture, race, and environment
  • An emphasis on increased connectedness through technology and communication to support seamless and cohesive patient care across different settings, across the community and health care system
  • A focus on providing a broad range of services offered by a well-connected interprofessional team, featuring family physician leadership

“As the health care needs of our communities continue to evolve and becomes increasingly complex, a health care system that is responsive to individual and community needs becomes increasingly important,” says CFPC President, Paul Sawchuk, MD, MBA, CCFP, FCFP. “An approach that is based on familiarity, cultivated through an ongoing patient-doctor relationship and includes coordinated care from a team of health care professionals, results in better outcomes for patients and decreased costs to the health care system.”

“The 2019 vision places a renewed focus on optimizing technology and the use of electronic medical records (EMRs). EMRs allow family doctors and their teams to collaborate, share, and store patient information. When patient records are well maintained and easily accessed by the PMH health care team, patients receive consistent and personalized care,” adds CFPC Board Director and family physician, Jean-Pierre Arseneau, MD, CCFP. “This results in patients following through with treatment plans, medication regimes and ensures consultations with other specialists are well coordinated.”

“The inclusion of social accountability in PMH 2019 confirms the vital role family physicians and their health teams play in supporting a healthy community,” says family physician and former president of the Quebec College of Family Physicians (2014–2016), Maxine Dumas-Pilon, MD, CCFP, FCFP. “We are coming to understand how social, environmental, and cultural factors affect health outcomes. PMH practices are well positioned to address societal needs and to help individuals facing social challenges by anticipating their effects on health and facilitating access to local support services.”

PMH 2019 enhances existing PMH-aligned models and provincial initiatives taking place across Canada, as each province develops its own primary care reform strategy to meet unique regional goals.

Download a copy of PMH 2019 Family Practice ─The Patient’s Medical Home.

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