COVID-19 Provincial and Territorial Information and Resources

Public Health Agency of Canada
As part of the Public Health Agency of Canada’s comprehensive updates and resources related to COVID-19, this link provides important information for health professionals. This information includes the information health professionals need to know, the spectrum of illness, transmission of the illness, epidemiological information, detecting and reporting, treatment and guidance.

British Columbia
The BC Centre for Disease Control is working with provincial and federal partners on surveillance, diagnostic testing and infection control measures for the COVID-19 outbreak. The information below is for health care professionals and public health partners.

Health Professionals:

The below link provides resources from the BC Ministry of Health on pandemic preparedness.

Alberta Health Services provides an online screening tool for COVID-19 at the link below along with links to other pages outlining information for Albertans as well as information for health professionals.


The link below provides information from Alberta Health Services aimed at primary care providers. Primary care providers are also recommended to review the information for health professionals linked on the webpage above.

Primary Care:

The Government of Saskatchewan provides updates on COVID-19 at the link below as well as other resources including a self-assessment tool to determine whether an individual should be tested for COVID-19.


The link below from the Government of Saskatchewan provides the latest updates from the province as well as documents with resources for Health Care Providers.

Health Care Providers:

The Government of Manitoba provides updates, a self-screening tool, news conferences, and updates on existing cases, among other resources and information at the link below.


This link from Shared Health Manitoba provides provincial coronavirus resources for health care providers and staff.
Health Care Providers and Staff:

The Ministry of Health in Ontario has provided a self-assessment tool for COVID-19 at the link below.


The Ministry of Health has provided Guidance for the Health Sector available at this link. The link provides updated case definitions, guidance documents, signage and other related information.

Health Sector:

The Ontario Ministry of Health has prepared a guidance document for health care providers in a community setting available at the following link.

Primary Care Providers in a Community Setting:

This link from Santé et Services sociaux Québec provides information about the case definition, situation in Québec, epidemiology, signs and symptoms, and other information regarding COVID-19.


The following two documents provide information and guidance from the Government of Québec aimed at medical clinics.

Medical Clinics:

Newfoundland and Labrador
The Government of Newfoundland and Labrador provides a self-assessment tool as well as information on self-isolation, pandemic updates, travel advice, and other resources. Towards the bottom of the webpage the government also provides links to resources for Healthcare providers.

General & Healthcare Providers:

New Brunswick
The New Brunswick Office of the Chief Medical Officer of Health provides updates on cases and testing, actions being taken by the government, and details on the current situation among other resources at the link below.


The New Brunswick Office of the Chief Medical Officer of Health provides updates and resources for Health and Allied Health Professionals at the following link.

Health and Allied Health Professionals:

The Government of New Brunswick provides a fact sheet with guidance for Primary Care Providers in a Community setting at the link below.

Primary Care Providers:

Nova Scotia
The Government of Nova Scotia provides alerts and notices, COVID-19 testing data, information on when to seek help and how to protect yourself, as well as other resources related to COVID-19 at the link below.


Prince Edward Island
The Government of Prince Edward Island provides information on COVID-19 at the link below including FAQs, tips for protecting yourself and others, information for travellers, supports and services, and other information and resources.


The Government of Nunavut has provided information about COVID-19 at the below link including information about risks, symptoms, what to do if you become ill, and other resources.


The Government of Yukon provides information on how to protect yourself, information for travellers, and other resources regarding COVID-19 at the link below.


Information for health professionals from the Government of Yukon can be found at the link below.

Health Professionals:

The following two documents from Yukon Communicable Disease Control provide guidance for clinical staff working in family physicians’ offices.

Family Physicians:

Northwest Territories
The Government of the Northwest Territories is providing information on the current risk in NWT, updates, and resources among other information at the webpage below.



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