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2024 election call for applications for one CFPC Director-at-Large position: CLOSED

The College of Family Physicians of Canada (CFPC)’s Board of Directors has one vacancy for a Director-at-Large position. Dr. Nancy Fowler, Deputy Chief Executive Officer, Dr. Mike Green, President, and Dr. Danielle Cutts, Chair, Nominating Committee, are pleased to announce the 2024 Call for Interest.  

We ask those interested in the opportunity to serve on the CFPC Board of Directors, to submit an email of interest to Sarah Scott, Governance and Strategic Planning Director, at [email protected] by February 29, 2024.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • What are the must-know 2024 Board Director Recruitment and Election dates?

    • Until February 29, 2024 – Opportunity to let the CFPC know you are interested in participating on the CFPC Board of Directors
    • March 1, 2024, at 4:00 p.m. (ET) – Deadline to submit CFPC Board Director application & CV. Note: Applications submitted after this will be considered in the 2025 cycle.
    • March 2, 2024 to May, 2024 – The Nominating Committee reviews applications and the CFPC Board of Directors considers applicants.
    • By May 29, 2024 – Deadline for the Nominating Committee to confirm with each applicant whether they will be nominated in the 2024 CFPC Board of Directors election
    • By end of June 2024 – Nominees to contribute in compiling video and written content to support their nomination
    • September 11 – 25, 2024 – Nominee information is circulated to members to review. Member opportunity to provide feedback to the Nominating Committee, including the opportunity for members to add their names to the list of nominees if they feel the nominees are not qualified.
    • September 25, 2024, at 11:59 p.m. (ET) – Deadline for information from any additional nominees
    • October 2, 2024 – The final nominee list is circulated to members for review
    • October 9 – 23, 2024 (at 11:59 p.m. (ET)) – Electronic election. All Practising Members will receive a personalized invitation to vote.
    • October 30, 2024 – Annual Meeting of Members (AMM). Announce successful nominees and the new Board of Directors for October 2024 to the time of the 2025 AMM.
  • What is the deadline for applying?

    Friday, March 1, 2024, at 4:00 p.m. (ET).

    Applications received after this date will be considered in the 2025 cycle.

  • How many Board positions are vacant?

    • Effective October 30, 2024, there is one Director-at-Large vacancy for October 30, 2024 to the time of the Annual Meeting of Members in 2027.
    • The CFPC will nominate one or more nominees for this position.
  • How do I apply for a Board Director position?

  • What can I expect during the application process?

    • The Nominating Committee reviews the applications and scores them based on objective criteria to find candidates with best fits for the attributes with greatest need
    • Applicants may be asked for additional information and may be invited to an interview conducted by video conference
    • The Nominating Committee will make recommendations to the Board, and the Board will confirm the nominees
    • Applicants will be informed by May 29, 2024 whether they are being nominated for member consideration in the 2024 election
    • Nominees will be asked to provide the following items by early mid-June to be shared with CFPC members on the CFPC’s website:
      • A written summary (up to 500 words) describing yourself to members
      • A video introduction presenting yourself to members (up to 60 seconds, recorded with the help of the CFPC)
      • A picture of yourself
    • As an applicant you can expect communications from Sarah Scott, Governance and Strategic Planning Director, regarding the status of your application
  • What is expected of a Board Director?

    For a description of the responsibilities and expectations of CFPC Board Directors, please review the CFPC’s Board Director Policy on Roles and Responsibilities.

    CFPC Board Directors are expected to be prepared for and attend a mix of in-person and virtual meetings per year. See What is the time commitment? for details.

    Board Directors are also expected to participate actively on one Board Committee when vacancies exist.

    Board Directors engage in regular email discussions and teleconferences as needed. Email correspondence may, at times, occur weekly.

    The participation of Directors in Board discussions and the expression of opinions are highly valued; the respectful consideration of the opinions of others is necessary. In addition to being part of the decision-making process, being a Board Director is a wonderful learning opportunity that enables members to develop a broad perspective on issues affecting family medicine and family physicians. Members of the CFPC’s Board of Directors are also members of the CFPC’s Foundation for Advancing Family Medicine.

  • What is the time commitment?

    • The CFPC’s Board meeting schedule is currently being reviewed as part of a comprehensive governance review. Frequency of meetings may change based on the review but the current schedule includes the following: CFPC Board Directors are expected to be prepared for and attend approximately five meetings per year (two in person and three virtually).
      • Three days in person in May or June
      • Two days in person in October/November at the beginning of FMF week, followed by the four days of FMF
      • Five three-hour video conferences per year
    • Directors participate in the CFPC’s Annual Meeting of Members virtual (1.5 hours) and the CFPC’s Foundation for Advancing Family Medicine Annual Meeting virtual (1.5 hours)
    These are estimates and actual participation may vary slightly, depending on the College’s needs and the prevailing context.
  • What is the compensation for Board Directors?

    The CFPC’s current Volunteer Reimbursement Policy applies to Board Directors. All travel, accommodation, and meal expenses are covered by the CFPC when Board Directors are participating in Board responsibilities. In addition, expenses unrelated to income loss that may be incurred while volunteering (e.g., ongoing clinic-based expenses or child care) are covered up to specified maximums.

    The CFPC’s Volunteer Reimbursement Policy is currently being reviewed as part of the comprehensive governance review.

  • Who is on the Board?

    • The CFPC’s Board of Directors is currently composed of 12 Directors
    • The Executive Director/CEO and Governance and Strategic Planning Director work with the Board (in a non-voting capacity)
    • Changes/opportunities effective October 30, 2024:
      • The four Directors holding Officer positions will all complete their one-year terms  and the individuals elected to fill those positions will be confirmed:
        • Our  current Past President, Dr. Christie Newton, will complete her term and time as a Board Director
        • Our current President, Dr. Michael Green, will be acclaimed as a Director holding the office of Past President for 2024/2025
        • Our current President-Elect, Dr. Carrie Bernard, will be acclaimed as a Director holding the office of President for 2024/2025
        • The results of the vote to elect our current Secretary-Treasurer, Dr. Sarah Cook, as a Director holding the office of President-Elect for 2024/2025 will be revealed
        • The results of the vote to elect our current Director-at-Large, Dr. Sarah Funnell, as a Director holding the office of Secretary-Treasurer for 2024/25 will be revealed
      • Among the remaining seven Directors-at-Large, the following changes will occur:
        • One vacancy is created by a Director-at-Large, Dr. Sarah Funnell, being the nominee for Director holding the office of Secretary-Treasurer
        • The results of the vote to elect one new Director-at-Large will be revealed
        • The results of the vote to re-elect our current Director-at-Large, Dr. Magaly Brodeur, as a Director-at-Large for a second term (2024-2027) will be revealed
        • The results of the vote to re-elect our current Director-at-Large, Dr. Amanda Condon,  as a Director-at-Large for a second term (2024-2027) will be revealed
    • The following Directors-at-Large will continue their terms:
  • How does someone become a Board Director?

    • CFPC members elect Board Directors annually
    • CFPC members elect individuals they trust to provide informed oversight, passionate stewardship, and sound decision making as an essential part of securing a vibrant future for the CFPC
    • Voting is both a right and a responsibility
  • What does the Board do?

    Please see our Board Function Policy.

  • What does the Nominating Committee do?

    The Nominating Committee oversees the nomination and election process on behalf of the Board.

    The Nominating Committee approaches the vacancies as follows:
    • The President-Elect nominee is typically the current Secretary-Treasurer, provided that the individual holding this position is supported by the Nominating Committee and the Board and the individual is interested in the President-Elect position
    • The Secretary-Treasurer nominee is recommended by the Nominating Committee from among the Directors-at-Large. The nominee may be at any point in their Director-at-Large term when nominated. If the Nominating Committee does not feel that any of the sitting Directors-at-Large can be recommended for the Secretary-Treasurer position in a given year, a nominee will be sought from among the membership.
      • Important factors in this determination include that the Secretary-Treasurer position is essentially a step in the direction of preparing for the role of President. An important feature in the election process is the opportunity for succession planning. Individuals ascending to the presidency need time to properly prepare for this responsibility both in terms of acquiring the required knowledge and making arrangements to cover their practices and family responsibilities during the presidential year. Another ongoing consideration is ensuring that the Board Directors, including the Officers, reflect our membership’s diversity. This is something the Nominating Committee considers.
    • The Director-at-Large nominees come from two sources. One is a recommendation from the Board and Nominating Committee that a current Director-at-Large who is finishing their first term on the Board be elected to serve for a second term. The second source is through the Nominating Committee’s Call for Interest to all members. The Call for Interest is circulated in February and the CFPC welcomes applications from all members by March 1st. A skills and perspectives matrix is maintained to ensure a Board with a balance of skills and experience that also reflects the diversity of the profession. The Nominating Committee and the Board annually review any gaps on the Board to inform these priorities. The Nominating Committee reviews all the applications, conducts interviews with some applicants, and puts forward strong nominees it feels are suitable for the role. If only one such nominee is identified, then only one nominee will be put forward for voting. The Board approves the nominees forwarded for voting.
    The Nominating Committee shares information about nominees with members by early September:
    • Rationale for the nomination from the Nominating Committee
    • Nominee’s responses to:
      • How I will resonate with members from across our country and at all stages of practice
      • What I will bring to the CFPC Board of Directors
    • Short video introduction (up to 60 seconds)
    • Nominee’s written description of themselves for members (up to 500 words)
    • Curriculum vitae (CV) / resumé
    • Conflict of interest declaration and plans for mitigation, if elected
    During this feedback phase we ask members to review the information carefully. If you feel the nominees are not qualified, there is an opportunity for you to indicate that you wish to be added or have another member willing to stand for election be added to the final list of nominees for the Director-at-Large vacancy. Members who come forward at this stage will be given a deadline to provide the same information that the other nominees provided: application form, resumé, the items outlined in bullets above (excluding the first bullet), a written response (up to 500 words) to be shared with members outlining a compelling argument for why you are a better fit to serve on the CFPC Board than all other nominees, and why you are coming forward now.
  • Questions?

    Please contact Sarah Scott, Governance and Strategic Planning Director, at [email protected]

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