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This month in Canadian Family Physician …


The photorealistic painting featured on this month’s cover is Down the Line (Bridge Scene) by Alex Bierk. Over the past few years, Bierk’s work has focused on his experience with addiction and loss, being a new father, and archiving his experience in Peterborough, Ontario, where he grew up and has subsequently returned with his family. Bierk’s paintings address the transcendental spaces of memory, nostalgia, loss, longing, addiction, recovery, and reconciliation within the rigidity of his labour-intensive approach to photorealism.

In this issue, we highlight treatment of opioid use disorder with a clinical review on buprenorphine-naloxone microdosing for opioid agonist therapy induction and a research article about long-term treatment outcomes of buprenorphine therapy in a population of First Nations high school students. Our blog posts continue to focus on COVID-19, with a shift toward broader-scope topics such as inequity, ethical considerations, and resources.

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