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Welcome to your first year in family medicine residency!


It’s a pleasure to welcome you as a resident member of the College of Family Physicians of Canada (CFPC)—your national College representing family medicine across the country. The collective resident voice is represented at the CFPC by the Section of Residents (SoR) Council. The Council consists of a first and a second year resident from each family medicine residency program across Canada. Every July, a call is put out for nominations to these positions.

The SoR Council is seeking an R1 representative from each residency program for a two-year term. As a member of the SoR Council, you will help shape the national perspective on family medicine education and training in Canada from the resident perspective. Meetings are held at the CFPC national office in Mississauga, Ontario, in the spring and fall of each year, and all travel expenses are reimbursed. Council participation provides unique leadership, learning, and networking opportunities with the CFPC to represent the interests of family medicine residents and help shape the future of family medicine across Canada.
If you are interested in becoming a member of the SoR Council, please contact your program’s Council representative or email [email protected] to be connected with your representative. Go to the SoR section on the CFPC website to find more information and resources for residents.

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