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Download the Patient's Medical Home infographicThe Patient’s Medical Home (PMH) vision describes how family physicians work in teams with other health care professionals to provide accessible, high-quality care for their patients. PMH-aligned practices have shown to improve quality of care and satisfaction while having potential to save costs across the health care system.

The PMH vision has already been integrated in various forms across the country and represents the future of primary care in Canada. For more information on the PMH and its ongoing development across the country, please visit the Patient’s Medical Home website.

PMH vision document – The latest version of the PMH vision, from 2019, complete with a detailed background, new pillars, and supporting recommendations.

Virtual Care supplement — This supplement to the PMH vision articulates the role of virtual care in supporting patients’ access to primary care. The CFPC recommends that virtual care should complement in-person care rather than replace it entirely.

  • A self-assessment tool to help you analyze how closely your practice aligns with the principles of the PMH
  • Physician resources such as vision papers, case studies and testimonials from family physicians and clinics across Canada
  • Best Advice Guides — practical PMH implementation documents about chronic care management, timely access to appointments, and physician remuneration to name a few
  • PMH toolkits are designed to describe specific actionable steps physicians and their teams can take to align their practices with the PMH principles. There is an individual kit for each province, reflecting the variety of resources and policies across the country.

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A vision for family practice in Canada

The CFPC strives to make The Patient’s Medical Home (PMH) a reality in Canada through its advocacy of the PMH vision, a dedicated website with resources, and tools.

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