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In 2011, the CFPC presented the Patient’s Medical Home (PMH) to Members of Parliament as the future of family practice in Canada. It’s a vision that puts the needs of patients and their communities at the centre of care.

The goal of this initiative is for every family practice in every community across Canada to be able to offer comprehensive, coordinated, and continuing care to their populations through a family physician working with health care teams. Relationships between patients and family physicians and other health care workers are developed and strengthened over time, enabling the best possible health outcomes for each person, the practice population, and the community served.

The PMH is built on empirical evidence and it’s a flexible vision. It is designed to evolve to meet the changing needs of family physicians, patients and communities. The CFPC advocates for the PMH and its ongoing development. The Patient’s Medical Home website highlights resources for family physicians that include:

  • A self-assessment tool to help you analyze how closely your practice aligns with the principles of the PMH
  • Physician resources such as vision papers, case studies and testimonials from family physicians and clinics across Canada
  • Best Advice Guides —practical PMH implementation documents about chronic care management, timely access to appointments, and physician remuneration to name a few

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A vision for family practice in Canada

The CFPC strives to make The Patient’s Medical Home (PMH) a reality in Canada through its advocacy of the PMH vision, a dedicated website with resources, and tools.

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