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Ceasing third year and response to the AMM: A message from the CFPC President


The Board of Directors of the College of Family Physicians of Canada (CFPC) met November 6th and 7th.

We reflected on the 2023 Annual Meeting of Members (AMM), the events preceding the AMM, the role and responsibilities of the Board, and broadly on the challenges facing family medicine.

Member engagement at our AMM was unprecedented. This engagement is important, is valued, and has caused us to reflect on how we communicate and work with you, our Chapters, and our partners. We took too long to respond to your concerns, and the tone of our previous communications was unproductive. We accept responsibility for this, and we apologize. We heard your frustrations and respect the results of the votes.

We have ceased the implementation of the third year in family medicine residency training and will undertake a comprehensive review of this decision guided by the member motion that was put forward at the 2023 AMM.

We will do a full review of the organization, expected to begin in early 2024, which will include consideration of the ways to meaningfully address the remaining member motions on transparency.

We will collaborate with you, our Chapters, and partners to address current and future challenges in family medicine together.

We will be a humbler and more transparent organization, and make sure we provide value for your membership.

We are in this together to advance family medicine. We need you to remain engaged and help us as we chart a new path forward.  Please continue to send us your thoughts and feedback at [email protected].

We will do better, and we thank you for helping us to do better together.

CFPC President

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