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Certification exams are coming soon—make an impact and become a CFPC examiner today!

It’s Resident Doctors Appreciation Week, a time when we further recognize the vital role our  family medicine residents play in our health care systems.

In addition to showing appreciation and sharing calls to action via member interest groups, Chapters, and social media, we’re also offering residents free access to tools and resources.

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New: Section of Residents LinkedIn Group

Join our private Section of Residents LinkedIn Group today! It is an opportunity to create a dynamic and engaging community of family medicine residents who foster meaningful conversations and insightful discussions.

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Sign up during Resident Doctor Appreciation Week to gain free access to FMF 2023 sessions for a week. Simply email us, letting us know you’d like to take advantage of this offer.  This is a great opportunity to re-watch or watch for the first time innovative and groundbreaking sessions related to family medicine.

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University Students Studying Together In The Library - stock photoThe Self Learning Program

Did you know family medicine residents are eligible to enrol in the Self Learning™ Program for free? It is a credible Mainpro+® certified continuing professional development (CPD) resource that offers cutting-edge information curated from more than 100 peer-reviewed medical journals worldwide.

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Start Using Mainpro+ Today

Finishing your residency this June or still have a few years left? Don’t forget about your CPD.
Residents can carry over up to 40 certified Mainpro+ credits to their first active cycle.


Healthcare, portrait and team of doctors in the hospital standing after a consultation or surgery. Success, confidence and group of professional medical workers in collaboration at a medicare clinic.Apply for Scholarships and Awards

Applications for the Foundation for Advancing Family Medicine's annual scholarships and awards are now open! Many of the funding opportunities are catered specifically to residents. This includes:
  • Indigenous Family Medicine Resident Scholarship
  • Family Medicine Resident Scholarship
  • Research Awards for Family Medicine Residents
  • Family Medicine Resident Awards for Scholarly Achievement
  • The Val Rachlis Leadership in Family Medicine Award
  • Nadine St-Pierre Award
Residents are also eligible for many more opportunities. Visit the FAFM site for more information.

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Smiling young Asian man sitting at dining room table at home, shopping online with laptop stock photoCFPCLearn

CFPCLearn is free for residents and is a new way to complete your online learning with CPD. It features a wide range of Mainpro+ certified learning activities that are combined with the ease of simplified credit entry.

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Quick Tip Guides

We’ve put together guides to help you once you’ve moved into early practice.

Obesity Management guide

Find out more about Resident Doctors Appreciation Week 2024 and what Resident Doctors of Canada is doing to celebrate resident doctors.

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