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2010 Aug
Collaborative Working Group on Shared Mental Health Care, Canadian Psychiatric Association and College of Family Physicians of Canada.

The last 10 years has seen a burgeoning interest in building collaborative partnerships between primary care and mental health care providers, including the integration of mental health services within primary care settings. Collaborative models have improved access to mental health care and increased the capacity of primary care to manage mental health and addiction (MH&A)problems. Collaborative partnerships within reorganized systems of care can lead to a prudent and more efficient use of resources, while supporting consumers and their families in self-management, and serve as models for the integration of primary care with other specialized services. This position paper also acknowledges that effective collaboration can involve providers from any discipline. However, because of the mandate of the Canadian Psychiatric Association (CPA) and the College of Family Physicians of Canada (CFPC), it focuses on the role that family physicians and psychiatrists can play in collaborative partnerships.

The evolution of collaborative mental health care in Canada: A shared vision for the future


Mental Health


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