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The College of Family Physicians of Canada (CFPC) Board Directors are expected to be prepared for and attend several meetings per year.

During the pandemic the Board is holding three-hour video conferences approximately once every three to four weeks. It is also meeting with Chapter leaders by video conference three times a year, attending the two-day virtual Annual Forum, and participating in Family Medicine Forum week.

When it is safe to meet in person again, we anticipate returning to a mix of in-person and virtual Board meetings, Board and Chapter Leader meetings, Annual Forum, and Family Medicine Forum week. Likely approximately 13 days will be spent in face-to-face meetings and approximately 24 hours in total will be spent in video conferences per year.

Board Directors are expected to participate actively on one Board Committee when vacancies exist.

Board Directors are also expected to be available for regular email discussions and teleconferences should the need arise. Email correspondence may, at times, occur several times a week.

The CFPC’s Volunteer Reimbursement Policy applies to Board Directors. All travel, accommodation, and meal expenses are covered by the CFPC when Board Directors are participating in Board responsibilities. In addition, expenses unrelated to income loss that may be incurred while volunteering (e.g., ongoing clinic-based expenses or child care) are covered up to specified maximums.

The participation of Directors in Board discussions and the expression of opinions are highly valued; the respectful consideration of the opinions of others is necessary. In addition to being part of the decision-making process, being a Board Director is a wonderful learning opportunity that enables members to develop a broad perspective on issues affecting family medicine and family physicians. Members of the CFPC’s Board of Directors are also members of the CFPC’s Foundation for Advancing Family Medicine.

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