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The College of Family Physicians of Canada (CFPC) looks for future Board Directors who possess the skills, experience, and values needed for the organization to continue to grow and succeed in establishing standards for the training, certification, and lifelong education of family physicians throughout their careers.

The Nominating Committee, the Governance Advisory Committee, and the Board work on your behalf to ensure succession planning to maintain a strong and balanced skills-based Board. Priority recruitment skills and attributes are circulated annually in the Call for Applications. The prioritized skills and attributes change as the composition and needs of the Board change. The call for applications phase runs from early February to March 31st each year. Members who possess some of the attributes and are interested in a Board Director position are encouraged to apply. It is equally important for members to encourage a colleague who they feel would make a great contribution to come forward and apply. We need your help inspiring skilled colleagues to apply so members have a strong pool of nominees from which to choose!

What’s in it for you? Learn more about the benefits of CFPC leadership from your colleagues.

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Shirley SInformation about the nominees is shared with members by early September each year with the electronic vote occurring in the weeks leading up to the Annual Meeting of Members during Family Medicine Forum week (typically November). You can view the recruitment priorities for the current year’s election here, before applying (the application phase runs February to April 30th). If you are interested but the application phase is currently closed, be sure to check back for the following Call for Applications next February.

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