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Finance and Audit Committee

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Frequency of meetings and responsibilities

The Finance and Audit Committee meets at least twice a year to assist the College of Family Physicians of Canada (CFPC) Board of Directors by carrying out governance responsibilities related to approving the annual budget and monitoring the financial management of the CFPC.

This Committee is also responsible for ensuring that the allocation of financial resources is aligned with the College’s strategic priorities.

Current Membership

Member Position Year
Dr. Sarah Cook, Yellowknife, Northwest
Honorary Secretary-Treasurer (Chair) 2023-24
Dr. Michael Green, Kingston, ON President 2023-24
Dr. Carrie Bernard, Brampton, ON President-Elect 2023-24
Dr. Emmanuel Hebert, Halifax, NS

Section of Residents

Dr. Alykhan Abdulla, Ottawa, ON
Board Member at Large 2023-24

Board Member at Large


Dr. Jordyn Lerner, Winnipeg, MB

Member at Large


Ms. Inna Kravitz, Vaughan, ON

Subject Matter Expert (Finance) 2023-26
Dr. Sarah Funnel, Ottawa, ON.
Board Member at Large (Incoming treasurer) with Voting Rights

Permanent Staff

Dr. Nancy Fowler

Deputy Chief Executive Officer

Mrs. Theresa Maguire-Garber

Executive Director, Corporate Services

Mr. Sandeep Kumar

Director, Finance & Asset Management
Mr. Kunal Sharma
Manager, Finance and Administration

Adhoc Staff (as needed)

Mr. Eric Mang

Executive Director, Member and External Relations
Dr. Leonora Lalla and Dr. Michael Allen
Acting Executive Directors, Professional Development and Practice Support

Dr. Nancy Fowler

Executive Director, Academic Family Medicine

Mr. Mark Banbury

Executive Director, Information and Technology Services

Ms. Claudia Zuccato Ria

Executive Director, Foundation for Advancing Family Medicine

Ms. Sarah Scott

Director, Governance and Strategic Planning

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