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CFPC receives $500,000 through Physician Wellness+ Initiative


On October 1, 2020, Scotiabank in partnership with the Canadian Medical Association (CMA) and MD Financial Management Inc. (MD), announced the creation of the Physician Wellness+ Initiative, with $15 million to address the health and wellness needs of physicians and medical learners. The CFPC is pleased to receive $500,000 over four years to address the urgent and ongoing health and wellness needs of family physicians and medical learners.

“We thank Scotiabank, the CMA and MD for their generous gift that recognizes the additional stresses placed on family physicians through the COVID-19 pandemic. We’re pleased we can do more to help our members look after their own health now and into the future,” says Dr. Francine Lemire, Executive Director and CEO of the CFPC. “A strong and healthy Canada depends on healthy family physicians to meet the unparalleled needs of their patients and communities. We’re grateful for the support to make this happen.”

Read the news release.

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