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First Five Years in Family Practice Committee

What’s new

The College of Family Physicians of Canada (CFPC) supports new family physicians through the First Five Years in Family Practice (FFYFP) Committee. The Committee consists of new family physician members from every province in Canada and focuses on areas that are important for family physicians in their first five years of practice.

The College would like to hear from new doctors, about the issues and challenges that affect them, and aims to support them where they need it most.

Contact the CFPC with questions, suggestions, and comments by email at [email protected] or on Facebook.

Learn more about the program’s resources from

Committee initiatives

  • Content development and annual maintenance of the Transition to Practice website,
  • Moderation of the national and provincial First Five Years Facebook groups
  • Execution and evaluation of First Five Years needs assessment survey every three years
  • Facilitation of Family Medicine Forum (FMF) sessions to address key challenges identified by FFYFP members
  • Administration of a First Five Years section in Canadian Family Physician
  • Promotion and support of mentorship in family medicine

Who we are



Dr. Annelise Miller, Ontario – Email: [email protected]


Dr. Megan Clark, Saskatchewan – Email: [email protected]

Dr. Steve Gravelle, Manitoba – Email: [email protected]

Christian Kordan, Section of Medical Students

Dr. Frantz-Daniel Lafortune, Quebec – Email: [email protected]

Dr. Roxane Pelletier, New Brunswick – Email: [email protected]

Dr. Steve Scales, Prince Edward Island – Email: [email protected]

Dr. Paula Slaney, Newfoundland & Labrador – Email: [email protected]

Dr. Kiran Dhillon, Alberta – Email: [email protected]

Dr. Justine Spencer, British Columbia – Email: [email protected]

Dr. Aaron Stroud, Nova Scotia – Email: [email protected]

Dr. Peter Zhang, Section of Residents

CFPC staff

Carol Costa, Director, Marketing and Membership Services

Courtney Kaminski, Membership Coordinator

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