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Membership Advisory Committee

About the Committee

The Membership Advisory Committee (MAC) is a national committee of the College of Family Physicians of Canada (CFPC) that reports to the Board of Directors.

The MAC provides advice and recommendations related to membership, including recommendations for  strategies to gain input and feedback from members on issues of discussion.

Who we are


Dr. Michael Lee-Poy, Ontario (since March 2013)


Dr. Sandy Barlow, British Columbia (since March 2014)

Dr. Élise Boulanger, Quebec (since June 2017)

Dr. Tamara Buchel, Manitoba (since March 2013)

Dr. Wilfrid Chan, Section of Researchers, Ontario (since April 2017)

Dr. Brian Geller, Saskatchewan (since May 2017)

Dr. Steve Hawrylyshyn, Chair, First Five Years in Family Practice Committee, Alberta (since September 2015)

Dr. Laura O’Connor, Prince Edward Island (since September 2016)

Dr. Sonya Lee, Alberta (since September 2016)

Dr. Elhamy Samak, Newfoundland (since January 2019)

Dr. Genevieve Mortera, Nova Scotia (since May 2017)

Dr. Cynthia Savoy, New Brunswick (since September 2012)

Dr. David Alexandre Galiano, Section of Residents (SoR) (since October 2018)

Emma Leon, Section of Medical Students (SOMS), Nova Scotia (since April 2018)

College of Family Physicians of Canada staff

Carol Costa, Director, Marketing and Membership Services

Eric Mang, Executive Director, Member and External Relations

Patricia Porter, Member Care Centre Manager


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