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Self Learning Committee

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The Self LearningTM Committee oversees the College of Family Physicians of Canada’s (CFPC’s) Self Learning Program, a continuing professional development program that allows physicians to evaluate their knowledge on current issues in medical literature.

The Committee meets three times a year to select and review content for the Self Learning program. Committee members ensure questions published in the program represent current clinical topics from medical literature relevant to the practice of family medicine.

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Dr. Michael Rondilla, Kitchener, Ontario


Dr. Morris Rotbard, Toronto, Ontario

Dre Lyne Couture, Lorraine, Quebec

Dr. Anahita Ariana, Victoria, British Columbia

Dr. Stephen Cashman, Vancouver, British Columbia

Dr. Dave Jerome, Edmonton, Alberta

Dr. Anna Schwartz, Winnipeg, Manitoba

Dr. Mohammed Moghareh, Winnipeg, Manitoba

Dr. Darren Reimer, Steinbach, Manitoba

Dr. Kenneth Barss, Little Current, Ontario

Dr. Neil Dilworth, Toronto, Ontario

Dr. Diane Edmonds, Bridgewater, Nova Scotia

Dr. Curtis Folkerson, Wakefield, Quebec

Dr. Claudia Kraft, Yellowknife, Northwest Territories

Dr. Miriam Lacasse, Quebec, Quebec

Dr. Nick van der Kamp, Peterborough, Ontario

The College of Family Physicians of Canada (CFPC) staff

Dr. Jeff Sisler, Executive Director, Professional Development and Practice Support

Dr. Mike Allan, Director, Programs & Practice Support

Supported by the Programs and Practice Support Department

Question writers

Dr. S. Bensaidane

Dr. A. Bhullar Dr. G. Blais Dr. K. Breen
Dr. E. Britton Dr. W. Chan Dr. M. Cole Dr. M. Comerford
Dr. Y.M. Cung Dr. S. DelBianco Dr. R. Drouin Dr. M. Duerksen
Dr. J. Falk Dr. T. Felhaber Dr. C. Folkerson Dr. G Frankel
Dr. A. Giles Dr. S. Gleeson Dr. D. Gold Dr. D. Ilchyna
Dr. S. Irwin Dr. R. Jacka Dr. A. Jeffery Dr. R. Jeffery
Dr. W. Kaethler Dr. S. Kimelman Dr. C. Krahn Dr. S. Kraft
Dr. S. Kraus Dr. M. Lajzerowicz Dr. M. Lawler Dr. S. Lespérance
Dr. J. Mason Dr. A. McCormick Dr. G. McNally Dr. T. Minde
Dr. M. Munikar Dr. S. Numainville Dr. M. Odell Dr. H. Robertson

Dr. G. Satenstein

Dr. M. Saul Dr. A. St-Pierre Dr. K. Toews


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