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Social Accountability Working Group

What we do

About the working group

Social accountability refers to the obligation of family medicine to meet the priority health care needs of Canada’s neighbourhoods, communities, regions, and provinces. It goes beyond the direct care family physicians provide to individual patients. It includes working with policy-makers, academic institutions, and communities, to translate a vision of a socially accountable health care system into evidence-based quality care. For care to be socially accountable, it must be equitably accessible to everyone and responsive to patients and community health care needs.

The College of Family Physicians of Canada (CFPC) is committed to meeting the evolving health care needs of all communities and advocating for equitable health outcomes for vulnerable groups, as highlighted in the CFPC’s 2017–2022 Strategic Plan. The purpose of the Social Accountability Working Group (SAWG) is to advise the CFPC on how it should be involved in social accountability initiatives and to explore the needs, opportunities, and barriers, related to social accountability in family medicine and family practice.

CFPC Strategic Plan 2017–2022

Who we are



Dr. Ritika Goel, Ontario


Dr. Ian Alexander, Manitoba

Dr. Alex Anawati, Ontario

Dr. Anne Andermann, Quebec 

Madonna Broderick, Ontario

Dr. Sandy Buchman, Ontario

Dawnmarie Harriott, Ontario

Dr. Elizabeth Parenteau, Quebec

Dr. Robert Woollard, British Columbia

College of Family Physicians of Canada staff

Arlen Keen, Manager, Health Policy and Government Relations

Artem Safarov, Director, Health Policy and Government Relations

DJ Grewal, Health Policy Analyst


Social Accountability Working Group (SAWG) Terms of Reference

The CFPC Social Justice Lens: a tool created by the College of Family Physicians of Canada (CFPC) to help its committees, working groups, and departments apply the principles of social accountability and social equity to their work; although most practices in family medicine already practise social justice, this tool aims to make these connections even more explicit and ensures work at the organizational level is bound by these principles

Best Advice Guide: Social Determinants of Health: a practical guide that provides family physicians with concrete steps on how to consider and improve patients’ social determinants of health; provides a background on the social determinants of health, including a practical component with suggested clinical, community-level, and population-level interventions

Social determinants of health recommendations: one-page documents that offer micro-, meso-, and macro-level recommendations to address the social determinant of health, prepared by the SAWG

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