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Canadian Family Physician (CFP ), a peer-reviewed medical journal, is the official publication of the College of Family Physicians of Canada (CFPC).

The journal informs practitioners, researchers, educators, and policy makers on current issues and keeps them in touch with the latest thinking in the discipline of family medicine. CFP is a reputable journal with widespread readership and articles published in the journal are often cited. CFP’s impact factor is 3.112. CFP content includes commentaries and hands-on, how-to articles such as clinical reviews, case reports, and practice tips, as well as regular features such as Child Health Update, Tools for Practice, and the Art of Family Medicine.

CFPC members have access to:

  • The print edition of CFP, distributed monthly to CFPC members and paid subscribers
  • Web-exclusive content, including research articles
  • A bilingual, digital edition, eCFP, that includes all the articles from the print and online editions, emailed to members every month
  • A French digital edition
  • A research digital edition
  • CFP Mainpro+®, a service that allows members to use selected journal content to earn Mainpro+ certified credits
  • An online version of the careers and locums ad section, in searchable format

CFP serves family physicians in all types of practice in every part of Canada in both official languages, advances the continuing development of family medicine as a discipline, and contributes to the ongoing improvement of patient care.

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