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Members of the College of Family Physicians of Canada (CFPC) have exclusive access to the Honours and Awards (H&A) Program, which is funded by the Foundation for Advancing Family Medicine (FAFM).

Every year approximately $500,000 in donations helps fund hundreds of awards, grants, and scholarships through the H&A Program. These reach family physicians, medical students, and family medicine residents, and help support them in their professional development, research, new areas of care, and commitment to improving patient care in Canada and abroad.

The H&A Program also celebrates excellence in the practice of family medicine. It recognizes members’ achievements and outstanding contributions to family medicine by promoting their successes.

The FAFM is the only national charitable organization in Canada dedicated solely to advancing excellence in research, education, and service in family medicine through philanthropy. The H&A Program is an investment in the College’s membership and in improving health care across Canada.

What the Program offers

To learn more about what the H&A Program offers, submit an application or nomination, or make a donation so that these opportunities continue to be available, please visit the FAFM website.

Dr. Andrew Lodge used his Family Medicine Global Health Project Grant to support a 12-month stay in Nepal as a volunteer at the Patan Academy of Health Sciences. The Academy addresses the disparity between rural and urban health outcomes. Dr. Lodge found his time in Nepal “challenging and enriching” and said it allowed him “to witness, in close proximity, how clinical medicine (is) delivered in very difficult conditions” and “in a resource-constrained environment.”

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