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About the workshop

This two-part introductory level workshop, developed with partners across Canada—including family medicine QI leaders, some departments of family medicine, and some provincial health quality councils—provides participants with a practical introduction to basic QI techniques that they can implement in their practices with their teams.

These include a practical step-by-step planning and implementation model that takes participants through the steps of establishing a team, identifying an area for improvement, setting practice-relevant goals, developing a plan, and going through small iterative cycles of plan, do, study, and act to achieve change.

Overall goal of Part 1

  • Introduce participants to the basic concepts and approaches that support practice improvement
  • Nurture a culture of curiosity

Overall goal of Part 2

  • Delving deeper into some of the concepts introduced in Part 1
  • Doing more hands-on application and practice through interactive exercises


  • Each workshop takes 3.5 hours


  • PIE Part 1: 2 Mainpro+ credits per hour (7 in total) as an assessment category
  • PIE Part 2: 3 Mainpro+ credits per hour (9 in total) as an assessment category


  • Learning methods include overviews of key concepts and interactive, hands-on facilitated group work

Who is it for?

This workshop is for family physicians and interdisciplinary health teams, and can support faculty development or residency training in the departments of family medicine. It is aimed at individuals who are new to QI work or would like a refresher of the basics.

How is the workshop delivered?

The workshop is delivered through the CFPC Chapters, partner organizations, and departments of family medicine. It can also be delivered in the respective practices or at conferences.

Resources for PIE workshop

For more information, please contact us at [email protected].

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