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Mainpro+® CPD Report 2020–2021

We’ve analyzed Mainpro+ data from the past year to provide a snapshot of what Mainpro+ participants are doing across the country. Despite the unprecedented challenges of the pandemic, we are pleased to see that Mainpro+ participants have continued to be engaged in lifelong learning and to record their CPD activities.

The following data refer to the period of July 1, 2020, through June 30, 2021, (unless otherwise stated) and provide an overview of the most popular types of CPD activities.

Mainpro+ participants:Mainpro participants

Total number of Mainpro+ participants reporting credits: 41,126

Total number of participants in the 2020–2021 cycle cohort: 6,978

Total number of credits submitted between July 1, 2020, and June 30, 2021: 1,654,956*

*The pandemic has created many challenges and we’re inspired to see so many participants
were able to continue reporting their credits.

Five most popular Mainpro+ activities based on the number of submissions:

  1. CFPC Certified Group Learning Mainpro+ Activities: 101,051
  2. CFP Mainpro+ articles: 15,715
  3. Self Learning Program™ Impact Assessment: 14,003
  4. Non-certified Group Learning Activities: 13,530
  5. Journal reading: 13,360

Top five Mainpro+ activities based on the number of credits claimed:

  1. CFPC Certified Group Learning Mainpro+ Activities: 505,820
  2. UpToDate®: 229,592
  3. Journal reading: 112,071
  4. Teaching/presenting (clinical and/or academic): 94,055
  5. Practice Based Small Group (PBSG) Learning Program: 84,314

Top three certified Mainpro+ activities:

Activity Number of Submissions
Family Medicine Forum (FMF) 2020 1,884
The 66th Annual St. Paul’s Hospital CME Conference for Primary Care Physicians 1,190
Practical Talks for Family Docs: CFPC Live Clinical Webinar Series 1,093

Mainpro+ activity submissions by category

Mainpro+ participants must complete 250 credits in a five-year cycle, out of which 125 must be certified credits. The annual cycle requirement is 25 credits, certified and/or non-certified.
group learning iconGroup Learning: 127,727
Activites that provide an opportunity to learn with others.
self learning iconSelf-Learning: 109,914
Activities planned and implemented by the individual, outside the context of a group.
light bulb icon
Assessment: 7,964

Activities that stimulate learning and practice or performance improvement through the analysis of data and the provision or receipt of feedback about an individual, group, or materials.

Number of Linking Learning

submissions by category

Linking Learning Submissions: Practice 864. Research 88. Assessment 339. Administration 192. Teaching 436.

lightbulb illustration icon

Did you know:

All Linking Learning exercises have now moved to the Assessment category. This suite of activities offers Mainpro+ participants an opportunity to reflect on any CPD activity they have done (certified or non-certified) and claim an additional five certified Mainpro+ credits for doing so.

In Response To…

  1. The challenges of the pandemic and the immediate need to learn about COVID-19:
    • A COVID-19 “Learning on the Go” activity was launched in July 2020. It is located under ‘certified Self Learning activities’ on the Mainpro+ portal. The exercise is eligible for two certified Mainpro+ credits. This year, 528 members have completed a COVID-19 Learning on the Go exercise.
    • The CFPC certified 126 programs that included the topic of COVID-19 by June 30, 2021.
    • The CFPC’s six-part COVID e-learning course has had more than 1,300 certified Mainpro+ credits claimed since its launch in February of this year.
  2. The need to enhance equity, diversity, and inclusion:
    • The CFPC CPD department introduced a statement encouraging diversity in CPD program development:
      “The CFPC strongly encourages CPD providers to include diversity as a factor in the selection of scientific planning committee members and of speakers, moderators, facilitators, and/or authors to represent the target audience. This includes considering balanced representation for gender, race, ethnicity, and sexual orientation/identity. If the target audience for a CPD activity is interprofessional, having an interprofessional scientific planning committee is strongly encouraged. Planners of CPD activities are also encouraged to include the patient voice in the design of CPD. A good way to accomplish this is to invite patients to join scientific planning committees.”

Mainpro+ certification

To continue to provide high quality CPD programs for our members, over 2,000 CPD activities were certified for Mainpro+ credits by the CFPC National Office, provincial Chapters, and university CPD offices accredited by the Committee on Accreditation of Continuing Medical Education (CACME).

As another way of supporting Mainpro+ participants with the need to access CPD during the restrictions of the pandemic, the number of approved certified virtual programs this year was 423. That is three times more live webcast events delivered than the previous year.
Number of certified programs by format
Number of certified programs by format

Did you know...

  • Twenty-nine CFPC members peer review programs seeking national Mainpro+ certification and 27 members do the same work for programs seeking provincial certification. These CFPC members ensure the activities awarded Mainpro+ certified credits meet the College’s educational and ethical standards, as well as validate that the activities are relevant to family medicine.
  • The National Committee on Continuing Professional Development (NCCPD) is comprised of a dedicated group of 12 family physicians—with a chair, members representing each of the CFPC provincial Chapters, and one member in their first five years of practice. All committee members are CFPC members in good standing and possess a sound understanding of the theory and practice of CPD and medical education.
If either of these opportunities interests you, email us at [email protected].

Top five providers by number of approved programs

Provider Organization Name Total
Queen’s University Continuing Professional Development 175
University of British Columbia, Continuing Professional Development 132
University of Toronto, Continuing Professional Development 89
Dalhousie University, Continuing Professional Development, Faculty of Medicine 82
Continuing Professional Development Department, Faculty of Medicine, University of Montreal 68

Mainpro+ certified programs according to the CanMEDS-FM Roles they address

Mainpro+ certified activities address a variety of physician competencies. This is evidenced by the number of Mainpro+ certified programs according to the CanMEDS-FM Roles they address.
Mainpro+ certified programs according to the CanMEDS-FM Roles they address. Leader: 391. Health Advocate: 464. Scholar: 421. Professional: 506. Communicator: 570. Collaborator: 526. Family Medicine Expert: 599.
Note: Some programs cover multiple roles.

Mainpro+ certified programs according to the top 10 keywords they address

Mainpro+ certified activities address a wide variety of clinical and non-clinical topics important to the practice of family medicine. This graphic shows the number of Mainpro+ certified programs according to the top 10 keywords they address.
Mainpro+ certified programs according to the top 10 keywords they address. Chronic disease management: 338. Medical students and residents: 373. Academic medicine: 358. Pain management: 382. Allied health professionals: 424. Clinical practice guidelines: 435. Emergency medicine: 384. Community medicine: 465. Practice improvement: 487. Communication: 509.
Note: some programs cover multiple keywords.

badge icon

We wish to recognize and congratulate our
2020 Continuing Professional Development
Program Development Award Winners:


CASTED Emergency

Dr. Arun Sayal
North York General Hospital, Toronto, Ontario

UBC CPD Personal Learning Plans

Continuing Professional Development
Faculty of Medicine, University of British Columbia

We thank all program providers who have continued to develop and deliver certified CPD activities for our members.

2020–2021 was unprecedented for its challenges and we want to thank all of our Mainpro+ participants for continuing to attend and report CPD activities during the pandemic while caring for the health and well-being of their patients and families.


If you have questions or feedback, please contact us at:

1 800 387•6197 ext. 560 | [email protected] |

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