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FMIGs are groups run by medical students for medical students. Every Canadian medical school has a FMIG. These groups aim to:

  • Increase the number of medical students who choose family medicine as their specialty
  • Increase exposure to family medicine during medical school
  • Increase students’ understanding of the breadth and depth of family practice
  • Improve the overall image of family medicine within the undergraduate medical school setting
  • Improve the positive collegial environment of family physicians and other specialties

Family Medicine Interest Groups: Strengthening the future of family medicine report  : learn more about FMIG activities and their history

FMIG administrative office at the CFPC

The CFPC, with additional funding from Scotiabank through the Foundation for Advancing Family Medicine, supports FMIGs by acting as a central administrative office, and organizing two national forums annually for two FMIG chairs from each university to attend. The CFPC also supports FMIGs by offering financial support through grants for event funding.

Contact the FMIG administrative office at the CFPC

Contact a local FMIG

Need to get in touch with a FMIG? Want to learn about upcoming events or get involved in a FMIG? Contact a local university:

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