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Canada’s health care system on verge of collapse, family doctors warn


Without drastic policy changes now, family medicine in Canada will fail, leading to poor access and delayed diagnosis and treatments for patients, and higher health care costs.
Mississauga, ON – The health care system is in crisis, and the health of everyone in Canada is at stake.

It’s time to #stopwaiting.

The College of Family Physicians of Canada (CFPC) is sounding the alarm of a health care system on the verge of collapse. Without drastic policy changes by the provincial, territorial, and federal governments now, family medicine – the foundation of our health care system – will fail.

The CFPC, the sole voice for family medicine in this country, demands governments listen to family doctors and take critical action now. Doctors, patients, health professionals, and the public are urged to join the CFPC’s fight for family doctors and the future of health care. Patients are sick of waiting for care and family doctors are sick of waiting for support.

Family medicine is the backbone of the Canadian health care system. Family doctors, who provide 70 per cent of health care services in this country, manage patient care and referrals, mitigate emergency visits, increase system capacity, and reduce costs. Yet, more than six million people in this country don’t have access to a regular family doctor. Family physicians themselves are overwhelmed, burnt out and suffocating under administrative tasks. Many are leaving the profession.

The CFPC has worked with family physicians across Canada to create meaningful and effective policy solutions that provincial, territorial, and federal governments can use to address the most critical pain points affecting the family doctors across Canada.

Governments must #stopwaiting and act now. The CFPC has solutions that will provide family doctors the support they need to serve more patients and alleviate the pressure felt across Canada’s health care system. The CFPC’s Family Practice Reform Policy Proposal Package addresses the most pressing issues facing family doctors, including increased remuneration, support for interprofessional, collaborative teams, and reduced excessive administrative tasks.

Patients and family doctors are sick of waiting. Without action now, the cost to Canada’s health care system will climb, waitlists will continue to grow, and patients’ health outcomes will worsen.

Governments have not listened to the concerns of family doctors and have continued to implement policies and programs that do not address the core issues that have created this perilous situation.
It’s time to #stopwaiting.


About the College of Family Physicians of Canada

The College of Family Physicians of Canada (CFPC) is the professional organization that represents more than 43,000 members across the country. The College establishes the standards for and accredits postgraduate family medicine training in Canada’s 17 medical schools. It reviews and certifies continuing professional development programs and materials that enable family physicians to meet certification and licensing requirements. The CFPC provides high-quality services, supports family medicine teaching and research, and advocates on behalf of the specialty of family medicine, family physicians, and the patients they serve.

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