Family Medicine Interest Groups (FMIGs)

What is a FMIG?

Family Medicine Interest Groups (FMIGs) are groups run by medical students for medical students. Every Canadian medical school has a FMIG. These groups aim to:

  1. Increase exposure to family medicine during undergraduate medical school.
  2. Promote postgraduate training and practice in family medicine.
  3. Improve the overall image of family medicine within the undergraduate medical school setting.

FMIGs offer a variety of student activities to assist in providing a much improved awareness and understanding of the opportunities, roles and responsibilities of family medicine. Activities often include speakers' series, clinical skills workshops, mentorship programs and advocacy initiatives. Learn more about FMIG activities and other resources for FMIGs.

To learn more about getting involved with the Family Medicine Interest Group at your university, please contact the appropriate FMIG.

The CFPC with funding from the Foundation for Advancing Family Medicine supports FMIGs by acting as a central administrative office, and organizing two national forums annually for two FMIG chairs from each university to attend. The College of Family Physicians of Canada (CFPC) supports these meetings financially and also provides funding grants to support FMIG activities.

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 Family Medicine Interest Groups report 

Common Medical Student Questions about the CFPC

The CFPC has many benefits and services specifically for you, the medical student! Take advantage of the following services and information:

Can students be members of the College of Family Physicians of Canada (CFPC)?
Yes. A student member is an Individual who is enrolled in a Canadian university faculty of medicine undergraduate program leading to the MD degree. Student membership is renewable annually each July 1, and terminates automatically upon ceasing to be enrolled in a Canadian university faculty of medicine undergraduate program. Student members are not required to pay an annual membership fee nor are they required to fulfill the College's CME requirements. Register quickly and easily online! 

I am a medical student and I attend my local FMIG’s events, does that mean I am automatically a member of the CFPC?
No, attending a FMIG event does not mean you are a member of the CFPC. But, you can sign up quickly and easily online!

What are the benefits for a student to become a member of the CFPC?

As a medical student member with the College, you have many benefits! Some of these include: a reduced yearly subscription rate for the Canadian Family Physician (CFP), free online access to Self-Learning and, research services from the Canadian Library of Family Medicine, Scotiabank professional banking and financial services at preferred rates….and more!  Learn more about member benefits.

What is the cost for a student to be a member of the CFPC?
There is no annual fee. Get more information on becoming a member

Does the CFPC offer scholarships  for medical students?
There are two awards/scholarship programs for which students are eligible.

  1. CFPC Medical Student Scholarship Program
    These scholarships recognize students who have demonstrated an interest in and/or commitment to a career in family medicine. Sixteen scholarships of $10,000 are awarded each year, one at each Canadian medical school. Students in their second last year of medical school are eligible to apply.
  2. Medical Student Leadership Awards
    Each year, sixteen awards are presented by the CFPC to recognize exemplary medical students currently enrolled in Canadian medical schools. Medical students in their final year are eligible for nomination by the Undergraduate Education Directors at each school.

Find more information on these awards and how to apply.

What is the Family Medicine Forum (FMF)?
Since 2000, the National ASA has been renamed Family Medicine Forum (FMF), and has been combined with the Section of Teachers' and the Section of Researchers' Annual Workshops. It is held in a different city in Canada every year, and is co-hosted by the national office and a provincial chapter.

Students are encouraged to attend the FMF and will receive reduced registration. There are many educational and social events for medical students! Visit the FMF website for more information about Family Medicine Forum.

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