Linking Learning Exercises

With the launch of Mainpro+® we’re excited to offer our expanded version of “Linking Learning” exercises.   

As a family physician, you participate in a variety of activities that contribute to the maintenance and enhancement of your knowledge and skills. Learning surrounds you; from interacting with patients daily, to mentoring healthcare trainees, to participating on medical committees. 

Appreciating this, the CFPC has developed an innovative means for you to earn Mainpro+ certified credits at your own pace and at no additional cost. It involves an approach to answering questions through information appraisal and integration, rather than information acquisition – and it is called Linking Learning. You may already be familiar with Linking Learning to Practice; we’re happy introduce four additional exercises: Linking Learning to Administration, Research, Assessment and Teaching.

What are Linking Learning exercises?

Linking Learning exercises are self-administered, semi-structured exercises. They challenge you to look at day-to-day activities as learning opportunities. The Linking Learning submission forms helps you to identify a question, and then guide you through a series of critical inquiry and practice reflection exercises on your way to answering the question. 

Each completed Linking Learning exercise earns five Mainpro+ certified credits and there is no limit on the number of exercises you may complete in a cycle. 

Submit online.

What types of activities are eligible?

The questions that form the foundation Linking Learning exercises can stem from a variety of clinical and non-clinical activities, such as:

Linking Learning to Practice

  • Volunteering in a resource poor setting
  • Attending an non-certified conference which stimulated further reflection

Linking Learning to Research

  • Preparing a manuscript for publication
  • Conducting research relevant to Family Medicine
  • Preparing for and presenting at conferences
  • Preparing a poster for presentation
  • Researching a new treatment protocol

Linking Learning to Administration

  • Committee participation
  • Planning committee member

Linking Learning to Assessment

  • Review of clinical practice guidelines
  • Manuscript review for a medical journal
  • Family medicine curriculum review
  • Accreditation survey team participation

Linking Learning to Teaching

  • Teaching activities (clinical or academic)
  • Developing curriculum for a medical education event
  • Lectures
  • Educational leader such as programmer or administrator

Example Linking Learning Questions

  1. You recently attended medical rounds on breast cancer. You learn that the local breast cancer screening program is using a different set of recommendations than those used in your office. You ask yourself: “Which recommendations apply best to my patients and how can I be sure that all of my eligible patients are being screened by either myself or the local program?” Document the process and resources you use to answer this question in a Linking Learning to Research form.
  2. You were a surveyor for an accreditation survey visit of another university’s family medicine program. You can describe the outcome of this activity in a Linking Learning to Assessment exercise.
  3.  You would like to adopt the Patient’s Medical Home (PMH) model for your clinic. You decide to lead your current colleagues and staff through the transition. Outline your plan to adopt the PMH model in a Linking Learning to Administration exercise to earn credits.
  4. You spent 6 months volunteering in the Philippines providing prenatal care to low income families.  Document how this experience will impact your current practice in a Linking Learning to Practice exercise. 
  5. You conducted a 2 hour hands-on workshop on IUD insertion at FMF. After reviewing the participant evaluations, you noted several attendees would have liked more interaction with the speaker. Use a Linking Learning to Teaching exercise to review the feedback and document how you could restructure the workshop to allow more time for participant interaction.

How do I start?

It’s simple. All the Linking Learning forms are available on our Mainpro+ portal. Linking Learning to Practice, Teaching, Research and Administration are categorized as certified Self-Learning activities, and Linking Learning to Assessment can be found under certified Assessment activities. Once you have formulated a question to ask or a scenario to describe you can begin to fill out the online form. At any point during the process you can save your form to complete at a later time. Once some time has passed (typically 6-12 weeks) where you have assessed the impact of your decision, you can return to your holding area to complete the form. Click, submit and you’re done!  

*Do not use this form if you are claiming Mainpro+ certified credits for any of the following activities: traineeships and fellowships, writing examinations, university degree programs, audits and QA activities, and provincial practice review programs. These require specific forms.

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