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Section of Teachers Council


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The Section of Teachers (SOT) Council was founded in 1978 and has grown to almost 4,000 members who identify themselves as family medicine teachers, preceptors, and/or educational leaders.

The SOT Council governs the SOT priorities, goals, and activities, and strikes committees and working groups to meet the education needs of the family medicine community across the education continuum.

Find tools and updates for teachers, preceptors, and educational leaders

Who we are



Dr. Jobin Varughese, Ontario




Dr. Aaron Johnston, Alberta (Past Chair)

Dr. Keith Wycliffe-Jones, Postgraduate Education Committee (PGEC), Alberta

Dr. Annelise Miller, First Five Years in Family Practice, Ontario

Dr. Louis-Francois Dallaire, Health Professional Educator, Québec

Dr. Lyn Power, Undergraduate Education Committee (UGEG), Newfoundland

Dr. Martina Ann Kelly, Undergraduate Education Committee (UGEG), Alberta

Dr. Eric Wooltorton, Faculty Development Education Committee (FDEC), Ontario

Dr. Sonya Lee, Family Medicine Department Chairs, Calgary

Dr. Denys Bunchak, Section of Residents, Manitoba, NOSM

Dr. Clayton Dyck, WONCA observer on behalf of SOT

Dr. Nooshin Nikoo, MIGS Council

Dr. Kyle Sue, Society of Rural Physicians of Canada (SRPC) observer, Alberta

Dr. Ivneet Garcha, Section of Medical Students Representative

CFPC staff 

Director, Education

Manager, Education

What we do

The Section of Teachers (SOT) Council:

  1. Advances family medicine education by supporting and engaging family medicine teachers, preceptors and educational leaders
  2. Ensures linkages between family medicine undergraduate, postgraduate, and continuing medical education professional development activities, and provides guidance on educational initiatives to support the transition to independent practice including clinical, teaching and research competencies
  3. Supports implementation of all family medicine curricula, including enhanced skills, based on standards determined by the Family Medicine Specialty Committee (FMSC), and developed through the work of the subcommittees
  4. Develops, proposes and coordinates the teaching of curriculum and pedagogy across the family medicine educational continuum

A key role of the Council is to oversee the teaching stream of Family Medicine Forum (FMF). The SOT FMF Planning Committee and abstract reviewers lead key educational and community building activities for teachers, such as:

  • Workshops, sessions, and posters for novice and experienced teachers, preceptors, and educational leaders
  • A “knowledge café” luncheon with networking opportunities and discussions on various hot topics in family medicine education
  • Peer consults to facilitate discussion about teaching, preceptorship, and medical education leadership challenges
  • A fireside chat featuring an “Ask Me Anything” session with the College of Family Physician’s (CFPC’s) educational leaders
  • A celebratory dinner and awards gala acknowledging teachers
  • A teachers and preceptors town hall offering input on national educational initiatives

The SOT Council also supports the recognition of teachers by overseeing the selection process for awards, grants, and scholarships, and by appointing reviewers from the SOT. These awards include:

Ian McWhinney Family Medicine Education Award

Val Rachlis Leadership in Family Medicine Award

Scholarly Work in Family Medicine Education Grant

Such recognition of excellence in family medicine could not occur without the volunteer SOT members who review applications and identify process improvements every year.

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