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The College of Family Physicians of Canada (CFPC) is committed to preparing its student members for careers as family physicians.

One priority of the College is the enhancement of the family medicine experience in every Canadian medical school. Student members of the CFPC contribute significantly to CFPC activities and policy development; members foster positive relationships and develop networks with staff physicians, residents, and other medical students as a result.

The CFPC supports Canadian medical students via these groups and services:

Family Medicine Interest Groups (FMIGs)

FMIGs are groups run by medical students for medical students. These groups aim to:

  • Increase the number of medical students who choose family medicine as their specialty
  • Increase exposure to family medicine during medical school
  • Increase students' understanding of the breadth and depth of family practice
  • Improve the overall image of family medicine at the undergraduate medical school level
  • Improve the positive collegial environment of family physicians and other specialties

Learn more about FMIGs

Contact a local FMIG

Report: Family Medicine Interest Groups: Strengthening the future of family medicine

Section of Medical Students (SOMS) and SOMS Council

All medical student members of the CFPC automatically become members of the SOMS. The SOMS Council is a national committee of medical students established to be the voice of Student members of the CFPC on matters related to family medicine and its advocacy ; it links the College with medical students in each university across Canada. Two FMIG representatives from each Canadian medical school serve as representatives on the SOMS Council and hold observer positions on other related organizations and universities.

Contact SOMS

Have an issue or topic to discuss with the SOMS or at the next SOMS Council meeting? Email SOMS

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Free CFPC membership for medical students

Medical students may join the CFPC and maintain their membership for free. To qualify for the Student membership category, students must be enrolled in a Canadian university faculty of medicine program leading to the MD degree.

Join now and learn more about these membership benefits as well as others available to medical students. Registration online is quick and easy!

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“I greatly valued my involvement in my university's FMIG and CFPC's SOMS. It was a great opportunity to be enlightened and share in issues and opinions from medical students coast-to-coast … I feel my time with the SOMS of the CFPC was invaluable and has shaped my career path in family medicine.” - Michelle van Walraven, MD, CCFP University of Ottawa

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