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FM Vax: An international survey on the integration of public health and primary care in COVID-19 vaccination campaigns

Optimizing vaccination rates is key to preventing third and fourth waves of COVID-19 illness around the world. What is less clear is the precise role of primary care/family medicine in partnering with public health to deliver these vaccines. The Primary Health Care Research Consortium (PHCRC) is seeking answers to this question and supporting the research study “FM Vax: An international survey on the integration of public health and primary care in COVID-19 vaccination campaigns.” Sponsored by the PHCRC and led by the Besrour Centre for Global Family Medicine at the College of Family Medicine of Canada, this study will survey primary care providers around the world with a focus on low- and middle-income countries, where vaccination campaigns are generally still being initiated.

The lessons learned from this study will inform these fledgling campaigns as well as what are likely to become regular national COVID-19 vaccination campaigns in the future. How to reach priority populations, how to track vaccination status at the individual and populations levels, and how to ensure coverage at regional and national levels are all key questions that will inform us about the nature of public health and primary care/family medicine cooperation. We are surveying what is presently occurring, and what lessons may be transferrable across contexts.

The core team members for this study are:
  • Dr. Sumeet Sodhi, Research Lead, Besrour Centre for Global Family Medicine
  • Dr. David Ponka, Director, Besrour Centre for Global Family Medicine
  • Dr. Bob Mash, Stellenbosch University, South Africa
  • Dr. Praveen Devarsetty, George Institute for Global Health, India
  • Dr. Marcelo Garcia Dieguez, Universidad Nacional Del Sur, Argentina
  • Dr. Felicity Goodyear-Smith, University of Auckland, New Zealand
For more information and to join our team to facilitate survey distribution in your country/region please contact Dr. David Ponka at [email protected].

Introducing the FM Pivot Educational Initiative  

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused the largest and most rapid disruption to the practices and training of family physicians since the inception of our profession in the mid-20th century. It has revealed gaps in the capacity of our health care systems, but it has also led to a surge in resiliency, innovation, and gained experience as primary care providers and educators adapt to this new paradigm. We have an opportunity to expand on this interest and energy to collectively strengthen our system and build our capacity to manage the next emergent crisis when it arises.

The FM Pivot Educational Initiative has been developed by a team of global Besrour Centre partners to help family physicians and family medicine educators prepare for similar challenges in the future within their own contexts. It will feature interactive educational modules, platforms for discussion, and opportunities for sharing resources.

Our first module “Finding Great Research Questions in Pandemics and Other Crises: An introduction for family medicine researchers” is now available! Learn more about the modules (currently available in English only).

To access this module and an introductory module on the FM Pivot initiative, we welcome you to register for free via one of the links below:
  • Directly on the FM Pivot course page at
  • Via the WHO's IntegratedCare4People platform—simply go online to register, complete your profile, and join our Communities of Practice where you’ll find a link to the module
We look forward to you joining us!

The Besrour Centre for Global Family Medicine releases Report 2020

The Report shares major accomplishments and activities that have demonstrated commitment to fostering family medicine nationally and globally. Read a copy of the report.

Congratulations to the first recipients of the Global Co-RIG Program!

The Besrour Centre for Global Family Medicine at the College of Family Physicians of Canada (CFPC) is pleased to announce the two inaugural recipients of the Global COVID-19 Pandemic Response and Impact Grant (Global Co-RIG) Program:
  • University of Cape Town, South Africa: “Innovations to reduce morbidity and mortality amongst people with diabetes in vulnerable communities in Cape Town, South Africa”
  • Syiah Kuala University, Indonesia: “Family Health Cadre Empowerment Program: An innovation for chronic disease management during the COVID-19 pandemic in low-and middle-income countries”
These grants were made possible through the generous support of the Foundation for Advancing Family Medicine, the Fondation Docteur Sadok Besrour, and the Besrour Centre for Global Family Medicine at the CFPC.

The pandemic has put immense pressure on health care systems. The goal of this initiative is to advance efforts that aim to reduce the morbidity and mortality associated with COVID-19. In particular, the program is seeking innovative ideas that reduce the virus’s impact on highly vulnerable populations around the world that have limited access to primary care.

The CFPC and the Besrour Centre for Global Family Medicine congratulate the first Global Co-RIG recipients!

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“The Government of Canada has recently undertaken a public review and consultation to renew Canada’s international assistance policy and funding framework. The Besrour Centre submitted a response which highlighted the strengthening of global family medicine and primary care as a key element of Canada’s international development policy, and as a key pathway to health equity.”

Dr. Katherine Rouleau, Past Director, Besrour Centre, in an excerpt from a WONCA policy bite, January 2017

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