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Effective January 1, 2023, the Non-Member Mainpro+ Participant (NMMP) category is closed to new and reinstatement applications. Current NMMPs may remain in this category until their participation is cancelled or discontinued.

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About Non-Member Mainpro+® Participants

Non-Member Mainpro+ Participants (NMMPs) report their continuing professional development using the Mainpro+ program; however, they do not receive any of the benefits of membership in the College of Family Physicians of Canada (CFPC).

The CFPC assigns each NMMP to a five-year Mainpro+ cycle at registration. During each Mainpro+ cycle, NMMPs must complete and report a minimum of 250 Mainpro+ credits (a minimum of 125 must be Mainpro+ certified credits) and are subject to all Mainpro+ policies and regulations.

Learn more about Mainpro+ program requirements, credit categories, and eligible activities.

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