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Mainpro+® (Maintenance of Proficiency) supports family physicians continuing professional development (CPD) and provides guidelines, standards, and reporting features.

Guide to Mainpro+

About Mainpro+

Mainpro+ is the College of Family Physicians of Canada’s (CFPC’s) program designed to support and promote family physicians’ CPD and is part of the CFPC’s commitment to providing quality CPD. The College has enhanced Mainpro+ to meet the changing interests and learning requirements for family physicians.

Mainpro+ serves three key functions:

  • To provide CPD participation, guidelines, and standards for Canadian family physicians
  • To enable family physicians to conveniently track and monitor their CPD participation
  • To ensure high-quality, ethical CPD programming through a rigorous peer-review certification process

Reporting, tracking, and monitoring CPD

  • Report individual CPD to demonstrate lifelong learning
  • Measure participation against standards
  • Monitor CPD progress
  • Print transcripts
  • Find flexible CPD opportunities relevant to practice population and physician requirements

Relevant, quality education

  • The CFPC certifies CPD activities for Mainpro+ credit
  • Administration is performed at the national level by the CFPC’s Department of Continuing Professional Development and at the provincial level by the CFPC’s Chapter offices
  • The certification peer-review process ensures all content is relevant to family physicians
  • Mainpro+ certification demonstrates the provider’s commitment to quality educational programming

Mainpro+ requirements

Following are Mainpro+ minimum requirements to maintain CFPC membership or designations.

Membership type (full and part-time members)

Credit requirements

Certified credits

Non-certified credits

Active, Non-member Mainpro+ participants (NMMP), Affiliate Specialist*, Senior, Sustaining*

Must submit a minimum of 250 credits in each five-year cycle

Must submit a minimum of 25 credits per year during a five-year cycle

At least 125 of 250 credits must be Mainpro+ certified in any category (Group Learning, Self-Learning, Assessment)

Up to 125 of 250 credits may be non-certified in any category (Group Learning, Self-Learning, Assessment)

All Mainpro+ participants (both member and non-member)

Must earn and report a minimum of 25 credits per year during a five-year cycle

Annual minimum of 25 credits may be any combination of certified and/or non-certified credits in Group Learning, Self-Learning, and Assessment categories

Resident, Retired

Have access to the Mainpro+ system, but participation in the program is voluntary

Honorary, Non-Physician, Student, Associate, Public

Access to the Mainpro+ system is not provided or required for these members

*For more information about Mainpro+ requirements, Affiliate and Sustaining members can read the Mainpro+ frequently asked questions (FAQs).

Credit categories

Certified credits: Activities formally reviewed and approved by the CFPC as meeting standards for certified CPD

Non-certified credits: Activities not formally reviewed but that comply with the College’s definition of CPD, are non-promotional, and provide valuable professional learning opportunities

Credit Categories

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