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Certification exams are coming soon—make an impact and become a CFPC examiner today!
A small group of four medical professionals sit around a boardroom table as they meet to discuss patient cases. They are each dressed professionally in scrubs and lab coats as they focus on working together. The CFPC is always in your corner and continues to listen to and learn from your feedback about Mainpro+. That’s why we are making changes to the Mainpro+ Program Requirements, which will come into effect December 16, 2024. These changes will better serve your needs, optimize your continuing professional development journey, and further equip you with the tools you need to manage the increasingly complex and evolving needs of communities.

Learn more about the changes and their benefits below.

Reducing Credit Categories

Family physicians are facing more challenges in their practice than ever before, and the College wants to reduce as much complexity as possible.

This change will improve our classification of eligible CPD activities by consolidating the previous six activity grid categories into three. This will clarify credit allocation, reduce complexity, and improve the user experience of the platform.

Required Certified Assessment Credits

Members will be required to claim a minimum of 10 Certified Assessment  credits over a five-year cycle.

Certified Assessment Activities require members to reflect on data and various types of feedback about a physician’s practice. In doing so, these activities:
  • Boost learning
  • Promote a culture of continuous improvement
  • Drive short- and long-term changes needed to sustain practice
  • Optimize patient care

Fulfill your Certified Assessment Activities Requirement

One way you can fulfill this requirement is by completing a Professional Learning Plan (PLP). Our Professional Learning Plan (PLP) is an easy way for you to earn 12 or 20 Certified Assessment Activities credits, which will help you meet your annual required credit minimum. The PLP tool is free for all members and will support you in achieving your personalized CPD learning goals.

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