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Guidance in Authorizing Cannabis Products Within Primary Care

Before cannabis use legalization, little research had been conducted on its therapeutic use, safety, or efficacy. This puts family physicians in a difficult position when asked to authorize a patient’s access to a product with little evidence to support its use. The CFPC has published Guidance in Authorizing Cannabis Products Within Primary Care to support our members with clinical decisions and in discussions with their patients.

Additional Resources


This information package is a set of fact sheets on cannabis for health and social service  providers. It provides a basic overview of common cannabis plants and products, methods of consumption, as well as information to better understand consumption and harm reduction. Each fact sheet is comprised of a high level overview with graphics followed by a detailed overview with links and references.

Statement from the Chief Public Health Officer Health Professional Forum on New Cannabis Toolkit to Educate Health Professionals

The Centre for Addiction and Mental Health’s Lower-Risk Cannabis Use Guidelines

Simplified guideline for prescribing medical cannabinoids in primary care
This simplified medical cannabinoid prescribing guideline provides practical recommendations for the use of medical cannabinoids in primary care. All recommendations are intended to assist with, not dictate, decision making in conjunction with patients.

Guideline summary
Medical Cannabinoids (printable version)
Medical Cannabinoids (electronic version)

Non-Medical Cannabis
Preventing and reducing cannabis use-related harms and risks are top-of-mind when it comes to the legalization of cannabis. Through screening, assessment, and discussion with patients, primary care providers play an important role in harm reduction.

The Non-Medical Cannabis resource is designed to equip primary care providers with evidence-based, balanced information to discuss cannabis use, its associated risks and benefits with their patients, and to screen for cannabis use disorder and related problems.

Cannabis and your health
10 ways to reduce risks when using

Factsheet for health care providers
Cannabis and Pregnancy Don’t Mix: Evidence-Based Facts for Health Providers

Patient handout
What You Need to Know about Cannabis, Pregnancy and Breastfeeding

Evidence-based posters
These evidence-based resources were developed by Dr. Stan Kutcher in partnership with Dr. Selene Etches (IWK Health Centre), Dr. Phil Tibbo (Nova Scotia Health Authority/Dalhousie University), and Dr. Rob Milin (University of Ottawa). There are four different posters geared to students, teachers, caregivers, and school-based student care providers. They are all available free to download at along with external links for anyone wanting more information.

10 Questions About Cannabis Use And Your Teen: One-pager for Parents / Caregivers
10 Questions About Cannabis Use And Teens: One-pager for School-based Clinicians
10 Questions About Cannabis Use And Your Student: One-pager for Teachers
10 Questions About Cannabis Use And Teens: Poster for Students

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