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Postgraduate Education Committee (PGEC)


The Postgraduate Education Committee (PGEC) is a sub-committee of the Section of Teachers (SOT) Council. Its purpose is to provide a national focus for postgraduate training in Canada, and support family medicine and enhanced skills programs in curriculum development, implementation, and review.

This Committee collaborates with the postgraduate directors across Canada to create quality family medicine experiences.

The PGEC also identifies and communicates national trends, successes, and areas requiring attention in an effort to foster a culture of collaboration and scholarship in postgraduate family medicine education.

Section of Teachers Council

Access supports, tools and news updates for teachers, preceptors and education leaders

The Postgraduate Education Committee:

  1. Makes recommendations and provides guidance for the national postgraduate curriculum and approaches to resident assessment based on the best evidence available and informed by feedback from national program evaluation strategies and outcome measures (e.g., longitudinal survey); maintains an awareness of best practices and innovations from across the residency programs
  2. Works with the postgraduate directors and deans across Canada and the College of Family Physicians of Canada (CFPC) to address queries, explore emerging trends and respond to external and internal concerns and questions regarding the education and assessment of family medicine residents; facilitates communication across residency programs and with the CFPC’s Section of Teachers Council, working in a coordinated and integrated way with related CFPC committees and other key partners
  3. Conducts regular critical analysis of results from the national longitudinal survey using aggregate data, and analysis of other potential sources of data, to identify and communicate national trends, successes and areas requiring attention

Fosters a culture of collaboration and scholarship in postgraduate professional medical education

Who we are



Dr. Keith Wycliffe-Jones


Dr. Kathy Lawrence
Dr. Giovanna Sirianni
Dr. Vivian Ramsden
Dr. Shelley Ross
Dr. Paul Miron
Dr. Tania Riendeau
Dr. Michelle Morros
Dr. Heather Waters
Dr. Stephen Beerman
Dr. Scott McKay
Dr. Frantz-Daniel Lafortune

College of Family Physicians of Canada staff

Director, Education
Education Projects Coordinator

To contact the Postgraduate Education Committee, or to ask questions about the Committee’s work, please send an email to [email protected].

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