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Education Evaluation and Research Unit (EERU)

About Us

The Education Evaluation and Research Unit (EERU) acts as an organizational hub within the College of Family Physicians of Canada™ (CFPC)’s Academic Family Medicine (AFM) Division, collaborating with researchers and colleagues from across the country. The EERU works to:
  • Strengthen AFM Division’s capacity to evaluate educational initiatives
  • Develop, implement, and maintain the CFPC’s FM Longitudinal Survey (FMLS) including data sharing/storage, and stewardship policies
  • Facilitate the use of evaluation data to inform the work of the CFPC
  • Catalyze opportunities to stimulate research that will advance family medicine using the FMLS and other evaluation data
The EERU is co-managed by CFPC’s Education and Research departments.

For more information, please contact us at [email protected].

FM Longitudinal Survey (FMLS)

As part of a collaboration between the 17 family medicine residency programs in Canada and the CFPC to evaluate the Triple C Competency-based curriculum, the FMLS was designed as a longitudinal, cross-sectional survey. The survey has been administered annually to family residents and early career family physicians since 2014 at three points in time : Time 1 (entry); Time 2 (exit); Time 3 (three years into practice).

The FMLS describes:
  • Demographics of family medicine residents
  • Family medicine learning experiences
  • Perspectives about family medicine as a discipline
  • Practice intentions by graduates and choices made in early practice

Access to deidentified FMLS data for research and/or educational purposes can be requested (by approved organizations/affiliations) through a data request process. Requests must be approved by the Triple C Data Oversight Committee (DOC).


FMLS Data Release Policy – Details to come


Please contact us at [email protected] to obtain a copy of this document that is accessible (per AODA requirements) for persons with disabilities.

Request FMLS Data

Request FMLS Data

Scholarship & Related Documents

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