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A centralized approach to program evaluation and data analysis
The Education Evaluation and Research Unit (EERU) is an initiative of the College of Family Physicians of Canada (CFPC). Collaborating with researchers and colleagues from across the country, the EERU focuses its work within the Academic Family Medicine (AFM) and Professional Development and Practice Support (PDPS) divisions, increasing capacity and developing a centralized approach to program evaluation and data analysis.

The goals of the EERU are to:

  • Develop infrastructure, processes, and data stewardship of current and ever-growing CFPC databases including examinations and Triple C curricula data
  • Strengthen the capacity of the CFPC to undertake evaluation of strategic plan-related educational initiatives
  • Support CFPC committees using data driven information and rigorous methodologies to develop, evaluate, and share educational initiatives and their outcomes

The establishment of the EERU is a precursor to a broader vision to develop a Primary Health Care Research Unit.

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For more information about the EERU, contact the CFPC

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