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Triple C is a competency-based curriculum for family medicine residency training based on the CanMEDS–Family Medicine framework and the Assessment Objectives for Certification in Family Medicine.

Preparing our Future Family Physicians. An educational prescription for strengthening health care in changing times.

There are three components of Triple C Competency-Based Curriculum:

  • Comprehensive education and patient care
  • Continuity of education and patient care
  • Centred in family medicine

An internationally-recognized education model

Triple C ensures all graduates are:

  • Competent to provide comprehensive care in any Canadian community
  • Prepared for the evolving needs of society
  • Educated based on the best available evidence on patient care and medical education

This curriculum addresses accountability, social responsibility, patient safety, and efficiencies in educational programming. It highlights the College of Family Physician of Canada’s (CFPC’s) vision of graduating sufficient numbers of Canadian family physicians who can provide comprehensive, continuing care within traditional family practices and within newer models of interprofessional practice.

Triple C builds on the College’s internationally-recognized educational model offered by 17 university-based family medicine programs in Canada. Given the changing landscape in Canada and increasing attention to quality, accountability, and interprofessional patient-centred care, the CFPC is proactively recommending ways to ensure that our future family physicians are ready for the realities of tomorrow.

Triple C is endorsed by the CFPC in collaboration with the Section of Teachers Council and the former Triple C Task Force.


Triple C Tool Kit*

These tools explain the CFPC’s Triple C Competency-Based Curriculum, and the process of competency-based assessment:


The Triple C toolkit and all content therein are published and owned by the College of Family Physicians of Canada (CFPC) and are protected by copyright laws. By using the tools on this site, you are agreeing to present the material in context and as the authors intended. Changing the content of the material is prohibited, except with explicit permission from the CFPC. You are encouraged to download and use these tools for educational purposes. The reproduction, redistribution or republication of any or all Triple C content, without proper acknowledgment is strictly prohibited. For copyright, permission, or terms of use inquiries, please contact [email protected].

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