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Certification exams are coming soon—make an impact and become a CFPC examiner today!

The following resources (in video and written formats) have been developed to help candidates prepare for the virtual simulated office oral (SOO) exam day.
They will be updated annually before the spring exam.
Please note that starting with the fall 2022 exam, the component of the virtual SOO called the Administration time, will be referred to as the Assessment time.

risr/Assess Technical User Guide - This step-by-step guide will help you prepare for your virtual simulated office oral (SOO) examination and ensure you have the information you need to have your computer set up correctly.




Overview video icon  
Setting up for the exam video icon written icon
Using the platform on the exam day video icon written icon
What to expect on the exam day video icon written icon
Troubleshooting video icon written icon
Sample virtual SOO encounter video icon  
You may access the risr/assess demo site for the exam platform.

The login credentials are generic:
ID: Candidate
Password: thisisademo

Select: Candidate Demo Exam (English)

Please note that since this is not a real exam, two important features will not be available:
  • You will not be able to connect your camera, so there will be no video image of you or the examiner
  • There will be no timed components of the exam (Reading, Assessment, and Marking time), so you will not see the countdown clock on the yellow ribbon.
FAQ about virtual simulated office oral examinations

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