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Family Medicine Specialty Committee

Who we are

The Family Medicine Specialty Committee (FMSC) advises the CFPC Board on all matters related to Academic Family Medicine. Its purpose is to define the educational and scholarly components of the specialty and set policies and standards to enhance the effectiveness of academic family medicine in the discipline of family medicine while ensuring links between education, scholarship, and practice.


Dr. Katherine Stringer (Chair)


Dr. Jennifer Hall, Residency Accreditation Committee
Dr. Jobin Varughese, Section of Teachers Council
Dr. Tania Riendeau, Postgraduate Education Committee
Dr. Kendall Noel, Board of Examinations and Certification
Dr. Robert Petrella, Section of Researchers
Dr. Karen Schultz, Postgraduate Dean
Dr. Cathy Risdon, Family Medicine Chairs (ACCFM)
Dr. Stuart Murdoch, Family Medicine Program Director
Dr. Peter Rogers, Enhanced Skills Program Director
Dr. Jocelyne Beelen, Section of Residents
Dr. Aisha Husain, Clinical Teacher
Dr. Roop Conyers, Clinical Teacher
Dr. Marie-Josée Bédard, Collège des médecins du Québec


Dr. Glen Bandiera, Royal College
Dr. George Carruthers, Federation of Medical Regulatory Authorities of Canada

CFPC staff

Executive Director, Academic Family Medicine
Manager, Academic Family Medicine

What we do


The Family Medicine Specialty Committee (FMSC) is accountable to the CFPC Board and is responsible to:

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