Faculty Development Education Committee (FDEC)

The Faculty Development Education Committee (FDEC) is a sub-committee of the Section of Teachers (SOT) Council. Its mandate is to develop and support faculty development for teachers involved in delivering family medicine education across the continuum. The FDEC will continue the work started in 2012 by the Working Group on Faculty Development (WGFD), which completed its mandate in 2016.

The FDEC replaces the WGFD as a permanent standing subcommittee of the SOT Council. The WGFD developed and launched the Fundamental Teaching Activity (FTA) Framework for teachers, which has been positively received nationally and internationally. Many tools were developed to complement the FTA Framework, including a slide deck for introducing the framework, a template for a teacher learning plan, and a faculty development repository with references linked to the FTA Framework. The FTA Framework is now used by many family medicine (FM) programs to facilitate the growth and development of their teachers.

The working group collaborated with the CFPC’s Continuing Professional Development department to align the Mainpro+® Linking Learning to Teaching activity with the FTA Framework. As well, the CFPC is now linking the teaching stream of the Family Medicine Forum to the FTA Framework.

The FDEC will:

  • maintain and update the FTA Framework
  • encourage, support, and oversee the implementation of national faculty development approaches to enhance the capacity of FM teachers, through resources such as the FTA Framework
  • collaborate with other CFPC committees to oversee the establishment and maintenance of educational resources to assist FM faculty developers and teachers across the medical education continuum and across diverse contexts
  • engage teachers in family medicine by providing advocacy, advice, and consultation about faculty development principles for activities offered locally, provincially, and nationally
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