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Resident members and Mainpro+

A female doctor sits at her desk and checks something on her computer She is wearing blue scrubs and stethoscope and seems happy in her work. She is lit by bright window light.Participation in Mainpro+ is optional for Resident members; however, it has benefits. By logging participation in continuing professional development activities such as conferences, workshops, and journal clubs, not only will residents become familiar with the system, they will also be able to carry over up to 40 certified Mainpro+ credits to their first active cycle.

Want to get started? Check out our Mainpro+ resources and support to learn how to report credits.

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Eligible activities

Understand which activities are eligible for Mainpro+ certified and non-certified credits.

Here are examples of activities based on whether they qualify for certified or non-certified credits and the relevant learning category:
Activity Categories Certified Activities
Mainpro+® participants must earn at least
125 certified credits during a reporting cycle.
Non-Certified Activities
All non-certified activities are eligible for one
non-certified credit per hour of participation.

Group Learning

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  • CFPC certified Mainpro+ Group Learning activities (e.g., conferences, medical rounds, interactive webinars, journal clubs)
  • Advanced Life Support programs (including ALARM)
  • Foundation for Medical Practice Education Practice Based Small Group (PBSG) Learning Program
  • Quebec Category 1 credits
  • Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada Maintenance of Certification Accredited Section 1 activity credits (maximum 50 credits per cycle*)
  • AAFP Elective credits
  • Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada Section 2 credits
  • Other (non-certified) educational conferences, medical rounds, webinars
  • Other (non-certified) small group activities

Industry-sponsored (e.g., pharmaceutical) meetings that do not bear the CFPC certification statement are not eligible for any type of Mainpro+ credits.


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  • CFPC certified Mainpro+ Self-Learning activities
  • CFPC Self LearningTM Program
  • Canadian Family Physician (CFP) Mainpro+ articles
  • Formal studies/university degree
  • Linking Learning to Practice
  • Online CPD (e.g., InfoPOEMs, UpToDate)
  • Quebec Category 1 credits
  • Committee participation
  • Journal reading
  • Preparing for and presenting at conferences, speaking engagements, lectures
  • Preparing/submitting manuscripts for publication
  • Self-study using enduring materials (e.g., podcasts, monographs, videos, e-learning modules)
  • Teaching activities (clinical or academic)


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  • CFPC accreditation surveyor
  • CFPC certified Mainpro+ Assessment activities
  • CFPC Examination of Added Competence in Emergency Medicine
  • Linking Learning to Assessment
  • Pearls™
  • Practice audits/quality assurance programs
  • Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada MOC Accredited Section 3 activity credits (maximum of 50 credits per cycle*)
  • Quebec Category 1 credits
  • Medical examiner for certification exams
  • Family medicine curriculum review
  • Manuscript review for medical journals
  • Review of clinical practice guidelines
  • Review of learning materials

See the full list of activities that are eligible for Mainpro+ credits.

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