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Mainpro+ FAQs

  • My practice is unique. How can I claim credits for all the different activities I do?

    With our expanded Linking Learning program, you can earn certified credits by reflecting on many types of activities that take place in or out of the office. These activities allow you to reflect on a recent experience or activity and document how it will affect your practice. We have expanded the program to encompass:

    • Linking Learning to Administration
    • Linking Learning to Assessment
    • Linking Learning to Practice
    • Linking Learning to Research
    • Linking Learning to Teaching

    With each Linking Learning exercise you complete, you earn five certified credits; there is no limit to the number you can complete per cycle. Each exercise can be completed online with the flexibility to save your information partway through your entry and come back later to complete it. Our Linking Learning exercises include activities such as committee work, academic research, treating a complex patient, volunteering in a resource-poor setting, and teaching, to name a few.

    Learn more about Linking Learning exercises

  • I have heard that industry-sponsored events are no longer eligible for credits in Mainpro+. Is this true?

    Industry-sponsored events that bear the College of Family Physicians of Canada (CFPC) Certification statement are eligible for certified credits. This means they have met the requirements of the CFPC Certification guidelines and have been reviewed and approved by the CFPC. Any industry-sponsored promotional events or meetings that do not bear the CFPC Certification statement are not eligible for certified or non-certified credits in Mainpro+.

  • I participated in an activity where the credits were automatically entered into my Mainpro+ account (direct credit entry). Why don’t I see those credits in my cycle totals?

    The Mainpro+ platform features a Holding Area for activities that require more information. Your Direct Credit Entry (DCE) activities will be sent to your Holding Area. Once you complete the required Impact Assessment Questionnaire, the CFPC will approve your activities and the credits will count toward your cycle total.

    To view a list of activities in your Holding Area:

    1. Log in to your Mainpro+ account.
    2. Click Holding Area in the top menu, or select the activity from the Incomplete CPD Activities section on your main dashboard.

    To submit your credits:

    1. Select an activity from the Holding Area or Incomplete CPD Activities section.
    2. Answer questions 1 to 6 in the Impact Assessment Questionnaire.
    3. Click Submit.

    Watch the Online Credit Reporting video tutorial to learn more.

  • What is the Impact Assessment Questionnaire? Do I need to complete it for every activity I enter?

    The Impact Assessment Questionnaire allows you to demonstrate the impact an activity has had on your practice and provides an easy way to report any bias you may have perceived during an activity.

    The questionnaire is included with many activity submissions, and responses are required for your credits to be processed. The CFPC will use the data collected from these submissions to understand what types of activities physicians are doing and to help direct the creation of new continuing professional development (CPD) programs.

  • I often attend conferences and events certified by the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada (Royal College) and the American Medical Association (AMA). Where do I view my credit total for those activities?

    Activities certified or accredited by the Royal College and AMA are subject to a maximum of 50 certified credits per five-year cycle. To view your cycle totals for these activities, click the text at the bottom of the Credit Summary section. See an example

  • Do I need to keep my certificate of completion or proof of participation?

    Yes. You should keep your certificate of completion or proof of participation for a minimum of six years in case you are selected for a random audit. We encourage you to upload an electronic copy of your certificate when you enter an activity in Mainpro+. You can upload different file types to Mainpro+, such as PDFs, Word documents, or images.

  • How do I access a report of all my previous Mainpro-M1, Mainpro-M2, and Mainpro-C activities?

    All of your Mainpro-M1, Mainpro-M2, and Mainpro-C credits from your current five-year cycle have been migrated into Mainpro+. A cycle credit summary is available on your Mainpro+ dashboard.

    View a sample Mainpro+ dashboard

    To access a detailed report of your previous Mainpro-M1, Mainpro-M2, and Mainpro-C activities:

    1. Log in to your Mainpro+ account
    2. Click the Reports tab on the top menu
    3. Under My Credit Summary, click Run Report
    4. In the pop-up window, select Click here to access your historical cycle report
    5. Download your report to view or print
  • What types of activities are in the Assessment category?

    The Assessment activity category allows Mainpro+ participants to earn credits for activities that stimulate learning through analysis of data and provision of feedback. Completing a practice audit or participating in a quality assurance program qualify as certified activities. Participating as an examiner for the Certification in Family Medicine exam or Certification in the College of Family Physicians of Canada (CCFP) Emergency Medicine exam would also count toward your certified credits. Reviewing learning materials or reviewing submissions for publication qualify for non-certified credits. We understand this is a new category for credit reporting, but for many physicians these are activities you already do on a regular basis; now we have made it easy to claim credits for them!

    View a complete list of activities and categories

  • I am a resident. Do I need to use Mainpro+?

    Mainpro+ is optional for Resident members. However, the CFPC encourages residents to report all professional development activity completed outside of the residency training program curriculum (publication, conferences and workshops, advanced life-support training, etc.). Participating in Mainpro+ as a resident helps familiarize you with the reporting system and structure; this, in turn, will ease the transition from Resident to Active membership.

    As an added incentive, up to 40 certified credits earned and reported during your residency cycle will automatically be carried forward to your first active Mainpro+ cycle. It’s our way of ensuring your first cycle as an Active member starts off on the right foot.

  • What happens if I do not complete my cycle requirements by the end of my five-year cycle?

    There is a six-week grace period following the cycle end date during which members who have not yet fulfilled their cycle requirements can report their outstanding credits. If credit requirements are still not met by the end of the six-week grace period, the member or non-member Mainpro+ participant will be placed in a two-year remedial cycle.

    Individuals who fail to comply with the CFPC’s requirements related to CPD and/or annual membership fees shall have their CFPC membership and the right to use any CFPC Special Designation suspended or revoked as per section 9.1.1. of the bylaws:

    9.1.1 Failure to complete the Mainpro+ requirements may result in discontinuation of membership, which includes forfeiture of the privilege to use CFPC-related designations.

  • What happens during a two-year remedial cycle?

    Any CFPC member or Non-Member Mainpro+ Participant who does not meet the credit requirements of their five-year cycle will be placed in a two-year remedial cycle. During a two-year remedial cycle:

    • The use of all applicable CFPC Special Designations (e.g., CCFP, MCFP, FCFP, and CACs) will be suspended
    • Mainpro+ users are required to earn and report a total of 100 credits, of which at least 50 must be from certified activities
    • Cycle and Special Designation status updates will be reported to the appropriate licencing body
    • Credits from Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada (Royal College) and American Medical Association (AMA) activities can be claimed only as non-certified credits (i.e., they may not be claimed as certified credits regardless of the program’s status)

    All entries will require documentation (proof of participation or certificate of attendance) to be uploaded at the time of credit entry and are subject to review and approval by the CFPC.

  • How is information shared with provincial licencing bodies?

    As per the CFPC bylaws and privacy policy, the College regularly exchanges Mainpro+ compliance information with provincial licencing bodies.

  • What are the consequences of failing to meet the established Mainpro+ requirements?

    Failure to complete the Mainpro+ requirements may result in discontinuation of membership, which includes forfeiture of the privilege to use CFPC-related designations.

  • If I take a year off from practice due to illness or maternity/paternity leave, will my cycle automatically be extended?

    If you will be away from your medical practice for a period of six months or longer due to personal illness or parental leave, or to be the primary caregiver for a family member with an illness, please contact the CFPC as soon as possible to discuss your CPD cycle. The CFPC can grant one-year cycle extensions in these situations.

  • I am planning to take an extended period of time off from practice to pursue additional training. Will this impact my Mainpro+ requirements?

    Active members returning to residency training

    Active members who stop their practice to pursue additional full-time residency training (e.g., emergency medicine, psychiatry, or other) will have their current Mainpro+ cycle stopped and be assigned a temporary Resident member cycle (they may continue to report Mainpro+ credits as per usual with no restriction on the number of credits that may be earned and reported). Upon completion of residency training, these individuals will be assigned to a new five-year Active cycle; they may carry forward a maximum of 40 certified Mainpro+ credits from their Resident member cycle to this new Active cycle. These individuals are eligible for a reduced membership fee only if pursuing full-time residency training (please contact the Membership Department for more information).

    Note: Training courses and projects that are considered part of a residency program/curriculum are not eligible for Mainpro+ credits; these are considered medical education versus continuing medical education (CME)/continuing professional development (CPD).

    Active members completing post-graduate didactic or enhanced skills training

    Active members who pursue additional post-graduate education (e.g., master of education, PhD in epidemiology) or participate in enhanced skills training (e.g., three months training in obstetrics, pain management, or other) will remain Active members and may continue to report Mainpro+ credits as per usual (no restriction on the number of credits earned and reported). Individual consideration for cycle extension must be made in writing to the CPD manager; individual consideration for membership fees must be made in writing to the Membership manager.

  • I am going on a sabbatical—am I still required to submit Mainpro+ credits?

    Yes, you are required to fulfill your Mainpro+ requirements during a sabbatical. If you are taking a minimum of six consecutive months off from practice due to illness or maternity/paternity leave, please contact the CFPC as soon as possible to determine the most appropriate course of action.

  • As an Affiliate Specialist member of the CFPC, my certification and primary practice is in a medical specialty other than family medicine. Am I required to submit Mainpro+ credits?

    An Affiliate Specialist member is a licenced physician in good standing whose primary practice is a specialty other than family medicine and who holds certification from the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada (Royal College) or another certifying body recognized by the College. Affiliate Specialist members are required to meet and fulfill the Mainpro+ cycle requirements. However, CPD transcripts from the Royal College will be accepted in lieu of manual entry of activities into Mainpro+.

  • I am a CFPC member residing outside of North America. What are my Mainpro+ requirements?

    Members residing in countries other than Canada and the United States may claim credit for local CME/CPD activities provided that:

    • The activities fulfill the CME/CPD requirements of a national college or academy of family physicians in which they are members, or
    • The activities are judged to be equivalent in quality and standards to those approved through Mainpro+

    Individuals must submit a copy of their annual credit profile, or information regarding CPD activities completed, to the CFPC CPD department. For programs held in the United States, please visit our Claiming Credits from National and International Organizations page to read more about American Academy of Family Physicians (AAFP) and American Board of Family Medicine (ABFM) activities.

  • As a Sustaining member of the CFPC, am I required to report Mainpro+ credits?

    Sustaining members are physicians who are no longer actively engaged in providing medical care to patients, but who are engaged in another medical or medically-related field (e.g., hospital administration, health care consulting). This category of membership has been phased out. However, those who do hold the designation will fall into one of two categories each with different CPD/Mainpro+ requirements:

    1. Sustaining members who were placed in the Sustaining member category on January 1, 2005, or later must submit 250 Mainpro+ credits in every five-year Mainpro+ cycle, of which:
      1. At least 125 must be Mainpro+ certified credits
      2. The remainder may be Mainpro+ non-certified credits
    2. Longstanding Sustaining members (those who were placed in the Sustaining member category prior to January 1, 2005):
      1. Participation in Mainpro+ (submission of CPD credits) is highly recommended but not mandatory
      2. Participation in Mainpro+ is particularly recommended for members whose scope of work is in a province where revalidation of licensure has been or is being implemented

    Participation in Mainpro+ is recognized as meeting provincial licencing authorities’ requirements for revalidation.

  • How are Mainpro+ cycle start and end dates calculated?

    All cycles begin on July 1st following enrolment as a member and/or upon completion of the CFPC certification examination. For example, if you completed the certification exam in June of 2016, your first five-year CPD cycle would begin on July 1, 2016, and would end on June 30, 2021.

  • I am attending a continuing professional development (CPD) event in the United States. Can I claim Mainpro+ credits?

    For programs held in the United States, please visit our Claiming Credits from National and International Organizations page to read more about American Academy of Family Physicians (AAFP) and American Board of Family Medicine (ABFM) activities.

  • Am I able to claim Mainpro+ credits for clinical volunteer work, for instance in resource-poor settings?

    Mainpro+ credits are available to recognize learning from experience, not for the practice of family medicine. There are two avenues available for you to claim Mainpro+ credits based on this type of experience. For any teaching you have formally provided during your volunteer experience, you can claim one non-certified Self-Learning Mainpro+ credit per hour of teaching. You can also complete a Linking Learning exercise that guides you through reflection on your learning related to this activity.

  • I have noticed that the Mainpro+ user agreement refers to the laws of Pennsylvania. Is there a conflict between the laws of Pennsylvania and the College’s privacy policy?

    No. Premier Inc./ is the third-party vendor that built and hosts the Mainpro+ website. Premier Inc./CECity is located in Pennsylvania and must follow the business laws of that region. There are no laws that conflict with the application of the College’s privacy policy, which is an integral part of the agreement the College has with Premier/CECity. The CFPC has full control of all the content placed on the Mainpro+ website.


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