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We’ve compiled the most frequently asked questions about Mainpro+ and provided answers to help you understand the ins and outs of the program as simply and clearly as possible. If you still have questions, please feel free to contact us for more help.

What types of credits can I claim?

  • My practice is unique. How can I claim credits for all the different activities I do?

    With our Linking Learning program you can earn Mainpro+ certified credits by reflecting on many types of learning activities. Linking Learning exercises allow you to reflect on a recent experience or activity and document how it will affect your practice. The exercises involve Linking Learning to:
    • Administration
    • Assessment
    • Practice
    • Research
    • Teaching
    Earn five certified credits for each completed Linking Learning exercise. These exercises are online, they can be completed over multiple sessions, and there is no limit to how many you can do in each cycle.
  • Are industry-sponsored events eligible for credits in Mainpro+?

    We rigorously filter and review events to determine their eligibility for certified credits. If an industry-sponsored event bears a College of Family Physicians of Canada (CFPC) certification statement, it has met the requirements for certification and is eligible for credits. Any industry-sponsored promotional events or meetings that do not bear a CFPC certification statement are not eligible for certified or non-certified credits in Mainpro+.
  • Should I keep my certificate of completion or proof of participation?

    Yes, keep it for a minimum of six years. In case you are selected for a random audit, we recommend that you keep your original confirmation and upload an electronic copy to Mainpro+ when you enter your activity.
  • Does volunteer work qualify for Mainpro+ credits?

    Mainpro+ credits are available to recognize learning from experience but not for practising family medicine. Linking Learning exercises will guide you through the process to claim credits for non-certified activities or learning opportunities.
  • What types of activities are in the Assessment category?

    Assessment activities allow Mainpro+ participants to earn credits for activities that stimulate learning through the analysis of data and the provision of feedback. For example, completing a practice audit, participating in a quality assurance program, or participating as an examiner for CFPC exams would also count toward your certified credits. Many physicians engage in these activities on a regular basis; view the full list of activities.


What are my Mainpro+ requirements?

  • I am a resident. Should I use Mainpro+?

    Mainpro+ is optional for Resident members; however, the CFPC encourages you to report all continuing professional development (CPD) activities completed outside of your residency training program curriculum (e.g., journal clubs, conferences, workshops, advanced life-support training). Participating in Mainpro+ as a resident helps ease your transition from Resident to Active membership.

    As a bonus, up to 40 certified credits earned and reported during your residency cycle will automatically be carried forward to your first active Mainpro+ cycle. Check out our Mainpro+ for Resident Members video for more information:

  • As an Affiliate Specialist member of the CFPC, my certification and primary practice are in a medical specialty other than family medicine. Am I required to submit Mainpro+ credits?

    Yes. You are required to meet and fulfill the Mainpro+ cycle requirements; however, CPD transcripts from the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada (Royal College) will be accepted in lieu of manual entry of activities into Mainpro+.
  • I am a CFPC member living outside of Canada and the United States. What are my Mainpro+ requirements?

    Members residing outside of Canada and the United States may claim credits for local CPD/continuing medical education (CME) activities provided that either of the following circumstances apply:
    • The activities fulfill the CPD/CME requirements of a national college or academy of family physicians of which you are a member
    • The activities are judged to be equivalent in quality and standards to those approved through Mainpro+
    You must submit a copy of your annual credit profile or information regarding CPD activities you have completed to the CFPC’s CPD Department. For programs held in the United States, please visit our Claiming Credits From National and International Organizations page to read more about American Academy of Family Physicians and American Medical Association activities.
  • As a Sustaining member of the CFPC, am I required to report Mainpro+ credits?

    This category of membership has been phased out; however, those who have been grandfathered into this class fall into one of two groups, each with different CPD/Mainpro+ requirements:
    1. Sustaining members who were placed in the Sustaining membership category on January 1, 2005, or later must submit 250 Mainpro+ credits in every five-year Mainpro+ cycle, of which:
      • At least 125 must be Mainpro+ certified credits
      • The remainder may be Mainpro+ non-certified credits
    2. For long-standing Sustaining members (those who were placed in the Sustaining member category prior to January 1, 2005), participation in Mainpro+ (i.e., the submission of CPD credits) is highly recommended but not mandatory. Participation in Mainpro+ is particularly recommended for members whose scope of work is in a province where revalidation of licensure has been or is being implemented.
    Participation in Mainpro+ is recognized as meeting provincial licensing authorities’ requirements for revalidation.
  • I am attending a CPD event in the United States. Can I claim Mainpro+ credits?

    For programs held in the United States, please visit our Claiming Credits From National and International Organizations page to read more about American Academy of Family Physicians and American Medical Association activities.


Leave of absence

  • If I take a year off from practice due to illness or pregnancy/parental leave, will my cycle automatically be extended?

    If you will be away from your medical practice for a period of six months or longer due to personal illness or parental leave, or to be the primary caregiver for a family member with an illness, please contact the CFPC as soon as possible to discuss your CPD cycle. The CFPC can grant one-year cycle extensions in these situations.
  • I am planning to take time off to enrol in full-time residency training. What does this do to my Mainpro+ account?

    If you are an Active member who stops practising to pursue additional full-time residency training, your current Mainpro+ cycle will stop and you will be assigned a temporary Resident member cycle. You may continue to report Mainpro+ credits as usual with no restriction on the number of credits that may be earned and reported. Upon completion of your residency training you will be assigned to a new five-year Active cycle; you may carry forward up to 40 Mainpro+ certified credits from your Resident member cycle to this new Active cycle. During your training you are eligible for a reduced membership fee only if you are pursuing a full-time residency (please contact the Membership Department for more information).

    Note: Training courses and projects that are considered part of a residency program/curriculum are not eligible for Mainpro+ credits.
  • I am planning to take time off to complete postgraduate didactic or enhanced skills training. How will this affect my Mainpro+ account?

    While pursuing additional postgraduate education (e.g., a master of education, a PhD in epidemiology) or participating in enhanced skills training (e.g., three months’ training in obstetrics or pain management) you will remain an Active member and may continue to report Mainpro+ credits as usual, with no restriction on the number of credits you earn and report. Requests for a cycle extension must be made in writing to the CFPC’s CPD Department; requests regarding membership fees must be made in writing to the Member Care Centre.
  • I am going on a sabbatical. Am I still required to submit Mainpro+ credits?

    Yes, you are required to fulfill your Mainpro+ requirements during a sabbatical. If you are taking a minimum of six consecutive months off from practice due to illness or pregnancy/parental leave, please contact the CFPC as soon as possible to determine the most appropriate course of action.




Impact Assessment Questionnaire

  • What is the Impact Assessment Questionnaire? Do I need to complete it for every activity I enter?

    The Impact Assessment Questionnaire allows you to demonstrate the impact an activity has had on your practice and provides an easy way to report any bias you may have perceived during an activity.

    The questionnaire is included with many activity submissions and responses are required for your credits to be processed. The CFPC will use the data collected from these submissions to understand what types of activities physicians are doing and to help direct the creation of new CPD programs.

    The Impact Assessment Questionnaire is not required for all activities. Activities that ask for a written description of the impact on your practice (such as Linking Learning exercises or a practice audit form) do not require an additional Impact Assessment Questionnaire.


Fulfilling requirements

  • What happens if I do not complete my CPD requirements by the end of my five-year cycle?

    There is a six-week grace period following the cycle end date during which members and Non-Member Mainpro+ Participants who have not yet fulfilled their CPD requirements can report their outstanding credits for activities they have already completed. If your credit requirements are still not met by the end of the six-week grace period, you will be placed in a two-year remedial cycle.

    Individuals who fail to comply with the CFPC’s requirements related to CPD and/or annual membership fees shall have their CFPC membership and the right to use any CFPC Special Designations suspended or revoked as per section 9.1.1. of the CFPC bylaws:
    9.1.1 Failure to complete the Mainpro+ requirements may result in discontinuation of membership, which includes forfeiture of the privilege to use CFPC-related designations.
  • What are the CFPC membership consequences of failing to meet the established Mainpro+ requirements?

    Failure to meet the Mainpro+ requirements may result in the discontinuation of your CFPC membership, which includes forfeiture of the privilege to use CFPC Special Designations.
  • What happens during a two-year remedial cycle?

    Any CFPC member or Non-Member Mainpro+ Participant who does not meet the credit requirements of their five-year cycle will be placed in a two-year remedial cycle. During a two-year remedial cycle:
    • The use of all applicable CFPC Special Designations (e.g., CCFP, MCFP, FCFP, and CACs) will be suspended
    • Mainpro+ users are required to earn and report a total of 100 credits, of which at least 50 must be from certified activities
    • Cycle and Special Designation status updates will be reported to the appropriate licensing body
    All entries will require documentation (proof of participation or certificate of attendance) to be uploaded at the time of credit entry and are subject to review and approval by the CFPC.



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