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We’ve listened to feedback from providers and know how much work goes into developing continuing professional development (CPD) programs. This is why we will be rolling out changes to our Mainpro+ Certification Standards, starting December 16, 2024, to better support you! They will also align with upcoming modifications to Mainpro+ participation standards. Ultimately, the changes work to improve the delivery of CPD by:
  • Simplifying the certification process for activities
  • Improving equity, diversity, and inclusion in CPD development and delivery
  • Putting safeguards in place to address bias in CPD
  • Creating space for innovation in CPD program delivery and design
Learn more about each of the changes and their benefits below.
  • Optional Enhanced Activities

    We are simplifying the certification process and activity categories by replacing two- and three-credit-per-hour certification with a new model of Optional Enhanced Activities. All activities will be certified at one credit per hour with the ability to earn additional credits by adding optional elements to CPD programs.

    This gives you the opportunity to customize programs and extend and reinforce learning.

  • Certification period changes

    We’ve been listening to providers and understand that some CPD activities are more longitudinal in nature. In recognition of this we have extended certification periods for specific activities.

    The updated certification period are as follows:
    • Certified Activities – 12 months
    • Certified Assessment Activities – 36 months
    • Faculty Development Activities (either Certified or Certified Assessment) – 36 months
  • Quality Criteria Framework

    We are simplifying the original Quality Criteria Framework to enhance your delivery of CPD activities, allowing them to be more inclusive, reflective, and thoughtful for participants. The new criteria will still include requirements and standards but we’ve made it easier to understand and follow by offering reader-friendly compliance examples and simplified language.

    The improved Quality Criteria Framework addresses:

    1. Needs Assessment and Practice Relevance
    2. Active Learning, Engagement, and Program Format
    3. Incorporation of Evidence
    4. Evaluation and Outcome Assessment

    Note: There will be one set of criteria each for Certified Activities and Certified Assessment Activities.


What You Need to Know Now


Sunsetting the approval of two- and three-credit-per-hour certification

Based on the approved revisions to the Mainpro+ Certification Standards discussed above, the CFPC will cease to accept applications for two- and three-credit- per-hour certification, once the current CERT+ platform shuts down in the latter portion of 2024 (Q4 2024). When we have more information about the shutdown date, we will share it with you. We encourage you to plan accordingly and submit any necessary applications prior to Q4 2024. This will help limit the number of activities to be migrated into the new system launching in 2024.

All two- and three-credits-per-hour activities migrated into the new system will have an expiry date of December 31, 2025, at the latest. Programs that have an expiry date prior to December 31, 2025, will retain their original expiry date. It is important to be mindful of this date when submitting new applications for two- and three-credits-per-hour activities, as it is possible that your program will not receive its full certification period once migrated to the new platform.

Understanding Mainpro+® Certification Standards for CPD program providers

The revised guide will be available May 2024 to help providers ensure the activities they develop are ready to submit for certification later in 2024.

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