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2021 election call for applications for two Director-at-Large positions:

Application deadline extended to April 30, 2021.

The College of Family Physicians of Canada (CFPC)’s Board of Directors has two vacancies for Director-at-Large positions. Dr. Francine Lemire, Executive Director and Chief Executive Officer, and Dr. Danielle Cutts, Chair, Nominating Committee, are pleased to announce the 2021 call for applications.

Help us maintain a broad representation of members with a balance of skills, experience, and diversity on our Board.

The Nominating Committee welcomes all applicants. We encourage CFPC members to apply if they are interested in a leadership position or to spur a colleague to apply.

Two nominees or more, as applicable, will be shared with members. Members will then elect two Directors-at-Large.

The CFPC’s Board of Directors is a multi-talented group of individuals who are collectively expected to possess the following skills and proficiencies:
  1. Knowledge of the CFPC
  2. Experience with boards and governance
  3. Financial acumen
  4. Experience in strategic planning
  5. Knowledge in risk management
  6. Understanding of legal matters
  7. Knowledge of not-for-profit organizations
  8. Familiarity with systems thinking
  9. Experience in government relations
  10. Experience in patient and health care advocacy
  11. Aptitude for stakeholder engagement
  12. Comprehension of ethics and conflicts of interest
  13. Possession of political acumen and understanding of public affairs
  14. Experience in communications
In addition, we are seeking family physician candidates for the 2021 election who cover some or all of these attributes:
  • Holds a Certificate of Added Competence and has a focused practice
  • Self-identifies as a member of a racialized community; at this time the CFPC has identified a particular need for the greater representation of Black family physicians among its leadership to reflect the diversity of our members and the populations they serve
  • Practises in Atlantic Canada
  • Practises in Quebec
We welcome all interested applicants.

How can you apply for a 2021 Board Director-at-Large position?

What can you expect during the application process?

Details of the Board’s list of nominees for the 2021 election

What are the nomination and election processes, as outlined in the CFPC Bylaws?

How can you apply for a 2021 Board Director position?

If you are interested in applying for a Director-at-Large position on the CFPC Board of Directors, please complete the following steps by April 30th:
  1. Review the CFPC Board Director Code of Conduct. You will be asked to confirm that if elected, you will sign and adhere to this.
  2. Review the CFPC Conflict of Interest Policy: Disclosure of potential, perceived, or real Conflicts of Interest among CFPC Members involved in (or wishing to be involved in) College leadership activities. You will be asked to disclose any potential conflicts of interest as part of the application.
  3. Complete the online application form. (View the application before entering the online form.)
  4. Submit your resumé to Sarah Scott, Director of Governance and Strategic Planning, at [email protected].
  5. Ask two individuals who know you well and who are CFPC members to act as your references. The most useful submissions they can provide are personal letters that relate to the questions in the Board Director application. Please ask for the letters to be submitted directly to Sarah Scott, Director of Governance and Strategic Planning, at [email protected] by the April 30th deadline.

What can be expected during the application process?

As an applicant you can expect feedback from Sarah Scott regarding the status of your application. The Nominating Committee will review the applications, score them, and develop a short list of applicants to interview. Interviews will be conducted by video conference.

The Nominating Committee will make recommendations to the Board. The Board will confirm the nominees.

Applicants will be informed by July 15th as to whether they are being nominated for member consideration in the 2021 election.

It’s important to note this rigorous process is meant to assist the Nominating Committee in getting to know those who are interested in Board positions and enable the committee to develop the best list of nominees possible.

Nominees will be asked to provide the following items by mid-August to be shared with CFPC members on the CFPC’s website:
  • A written summary (up to 1,000 words) describing yourself to members
  • A video introduction presenting yourself to members (up to two minutes, recorded by the CFPC)
  • A picture of yourself
Additional information:
Expectations of Board Directors
Recruiting Great Nominees
Composition of the Board of Directors
Application and Nomination Processes
2021 Key Dates

Questions? Please contact Sarah Scott at [email protected].

The Board approved the following recommendations from the Nominating Committee:

That the members of the CFPC be invited to elect:
  1. Dr. Christie Newton of Port Moody, British Columbia, as a Director holding the office of President-Elect for a one-year term from November 11, 2021, to the time of the 2022 Annual Meeting of Members.
  2. Dr. Michael Green of Kingston, Ontario, as a Director holding the office of Secretary-Treasurer for a one-year term from November 11, 2021, to the time of the 2022 Annual Meeting of Members.
  3. Dr. Carrie Bernard of Brampton, Ontario, as a Director-at-Large for a three-year term beginning November 11, 2021, until the time of the 2024 Annual Meeting of Members.
    (Details of the 2021 nominees above)

  4. That the Nominating Committee will recommend two nominees or more, as applicable, for two three-year term Director-at-Large positions. The Board will approve the nominees to be shared with members for election. The two nominees receiving the most votes will be elected.

Board composition 2021

The current members of the Board of Directors are collectively strong in addressing the required skills matrix. They offer diversity in terms of gender, geographical representation, community of practice, and career stage. The anticipated gap areas are highlighted in the 2021 Call for Interest.

At the time of the 2021 Annual Meeting of Members (AMM):
  • The four Directors holding Officer positions will all complete their one-year terms  and the individuals elected to fill those positions will be confirmed:
  • Among the eight Directors-at-Large, the following changes will occur:
    • Two Directors are completing their terms, creating two vacancies: Drs. Alan Katz and John Maxted.  The results of the vote to elect two new Directors-at-Large will be revealed.
    • The results of the vote to elect Dr. Carrie Bernard as a Director-at-Large for a renewed term (from the 2021 AMM to the 2024 AMM) will be revealed.
  • The following Directors-at-Large will continue their terms:

What are the nomination and election processes, as outlined in the CFPC Bylaws?

Details about the election of Directors are found in section 5 of the bylaws.


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